Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Videoke at Red Box, Greenbelt

To cap my birthday, my college friends and I met up at Greenbelt last Aug 20.

Since Mac and I were not familiar with Makati, we took the MRT going to Red Box, Greenbelt.

Good thing we were going in the opposite direction of most of the people riding the MRT. It's really such a shame that we cannot improve the transportation system in the Philippines.
Took a picture of the other side of the platform where a lot of people were trying to ride the MRT

When Mac and I arrived in Ayala, we still got lost going to the place but we eventually found it.

I had fun singing and hanging out with my friends but Red Box was a disappointment. For a place that charges P580.00 with only 2 consumable drinks (any local beer, soft drinks or Ice tea), their equipment could have been better. They did not have a book to choose the songs from so you have to manually search all singers or genre if you wanted to find a song. So it is recommended to already have a list of songs before you arrive to save time looking for songs, but nobody really does that. Good thing we were with good friends so we just made fun of the stuff that needs to be improved.

Had to just leave early because Mac had work, but as always, all the time spent with friends are memorable and fun.

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