Friday, February 10, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai in Singapore

We booked our Singapore trip in November because of a sale and also because we wanted to watch Wicked. We did not realize that our trip would fall on the Chinese New Year.

It was a bad idea as when we got to Singapore, we found out that most of the stores are closed for the Chinese New Year for 3 days (which is exactly how long we will be staying in Singapore) We wanted to buy gadgets but couldn't because shops were mostly closed and those that remained open had higher prices.

Even our food was more expensive because restaurants that were open for the Holidays charged their consumers additional for the holiday pay that their waiters will be receiving.

And although most of the tourist attractions remained open, it was so jam packed with people who were also taking advantage of the long holiday to spend time with their friends and family. It was so crowded, specially in Sentosa.

But despite of everything, we still made the most of our trip.

Upon arriving at the Changi Budget Terminal, we made our way to Terminal 2 to ride the MRT going to the city. Mac and I still had EZ-Link cards from our last trip to Singapore so we only needed to re-load at the MRT stations. Having a card is very efficient as you do not need to line up to buy tickets every time you want to ride the MRT.
Aerial view of Singapore from the plane

Gong Xi Fa Cai at the airport
 We booked at Oasia Hotel through because they were having a 50% off promo and the hotel boasted a 4.5 Star Rating. The hotel lived up to expectation.
We stayed at Oasia Hotel located just right beside Novena Station

Love the room!

They welcome you when you open the TV
The hotel pool is located at the 8th floor.

The view from our room at the 21st floor
Our first stop was to go to Lucky Plaza to get our money exchanged. This is when we started noticing that shops were closing early for the Chines New Year. 

We went to Sentosa to watch Songs of the Sea which was unfortunately sold out so we just walked around. 
 Since it was Chinese New Year, we went to their Chinatown to get a taste of the CNY celebrations
This is the top of a temple in Chinatown

We wanted to try authentic Chinese Food so we sat down at this restaurant located within Chinatown's food street

Egg Pie...Yum!



Eu Tong Sen Street was closed as there was a show ongoing to welcome Chinese New Year

You wouldn't believe the amount of people in Chinatown.
 They had firecrackers and fireworks at 12am. Too bad we couldn't really appreciate it and take pictures as it rained really hard.

Mac and I went back to Sentosa the next day as this was one of the few places that remained open for the holiday


Merlion at Sentosa

They had Dinosaur topiaries

Perfect Picture for Valentine's day
 After Sentosa, we headed to the Singapore Zoo for the Night Safari which opens at 7:30pm. The Night Safari was okay but most of the animals were already sleeping. I guess if you are with children, then they would enjoy the zoo. 

Commuting is really easy. This is their bus terminal. You ride bus 138 to go to the zoo. (The terminal is at the Ang Mio Ko Station)

We wouldn't miss the food!

SG Business district
 Lau Pa Sat could have been spectacular if only the food stalls were open. Only about a 3rd of the stalls were open we went. We still enjoyed the food though.
It was also fun to see Tapa King, Baliwag Lechon Manok and a Filipino Grocery store here. Filipinos are really everywhere
Lau Pa Sat

Mac has been craving for Hopia ever since our visit to Chinatown. He finally bought one in Lau Pa Sat

I think this is an Ice Cream place. I wonder who was first, Jollibean or our own Jollibee?
 The main reason we went to Singapore was because of the musical Wicked which was being staged within Marina Bay Sands. Every structure here was beautiful and very upscale.
The shops

The Gondola

The buildings

Famous Marina Bay Sands from outside

I couldn't wait to watch Wicked

A Narnia exhibit was also ongoing

The Helix Bridge and Singapore Flyer

CNY celebrations

Too lazy to walk all the way up to the Merlion

It's Fiero!

Really enjoyed Wicked

Helix Bridge at night
Singapore although a very small country will still remain one of my favorite places to visit with its diversity of food choices, shopping malls, theme parks and of course, cheap gadgets!