Thursday, August 28, 2008

Red HOrse Beer Muziklaban Raffle Promo

You can drop off your entries at the San MIguel Head Office - 40 San Miguel Ave. Ortigas Center (behind Megamall bldg. B). Or any San Miguel Brewery Sales Offices, just look for the allocated drop boxes.

There are also drop boxes in selected 7-11 outlets.

The ipods are 3rd gen IPOD nanos. 8 gig.

Put the tansans in an envelope (brown envelope if you wanna be sure that it won't break). Write your name, address, contact number outside.

Sali na! Good luck to us all!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eraserheads Reunion Concert and Third Eye Blind for San MIguel Beer Oktoberfest

Third Eye Blind is coming to the Philippines for a special concert during the San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest kick off on September 5. The event will be held in San Miguel Ave. Tickets will be sold (will check where it is available). But i'm sure tickets are just priced around 300 pesos or so - unlike the other foreign concerts where tickets are sold at 1,000 pesos and up.

Aside from Third Eye Blind, San Miguel Beer will also try to beat the Guinness World Record for the longest beer bar. So let's all participate to be able to create a world record.

People might get confused on why Oktoberfest is starting on September (as opposed to previous years when it was held on October), If i'm not mistaken, the reason for this is that since Filipinos celebrate Christmas early (as early as September), San MIguel Beer wants to get in on the celebrations. Hmm... so then shouldn't it be called Berfest? or Beerfest? hehe... Something to consider.

Moving on to my next topic.... Regarding the Eraserheads concert, since I heard about it last July I have been in talks with the organizers if our brand can come in as sponsor. However, just last Friday I received a call that the concert might not be pushing through because the sole sponsor was not able to get the necessary permits for the concert. So if we were still interested (which we were) we could come in and take over. However, as much as I would like to participate, our budget would just not allow it (hint: total talent fees for the band exceeds most of the talent fees for foreign acts).

On Monday I heard a new sponsor has taken over which was good however tickets will now be sold. Who is the sponsor? They haven't yet announced but tickets are being sold in ticketworld at 800+ for general admission and 1,300+ for a ticket a little closer to the VIP section. There are several rumors as to who the sponsors are - first is Sony BMG. It's just been confirmed that sponsors will be MTV Philippines. well, at least the concert is still on. Too bad I might not be able to watch...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Had a friend do our monogram. He incorporated the colors (red and copper) and a christmasy theme since the wedding is on December. Just can't decide which one to officially use.

Which looks better?

Monday, August 11, 2008

General Updates

I just finished doing the guest list for my wedding. I think my Mom wants to invite the whole town. I'm actually getting frustrated because she's telling me that I don't want to help her with the preparations. But I do. The only problem is, she vetoes all the decisions I make. Like the cake design. Mac and I chose a design we want but for some reason she didn't want the design so she just went ahead and talked to the caterer to change the design I picked without even telling me beforehand. Same thing with the wedding gown and all the dresses, the invites, the food to be served... EVERYTHING!!!! So I just let her be because I don't want to argue... I am actually more excited for the honeymoon rather than the wedding itself, because at least we get to plan the honeymoon.

In the work front, it's the same thing. I am also frustrated because of the direction my brand is going. We just had the brand planning for the 2009 marketing plans and I don't quite agree with what is going to happen. So I am still considering on leaving. After the wedding, I can decide what to do with my work life. I am half tempted to just resign and be a housewife but I don't think we can live by Mac's salary only.

Oh well... Life sucks, for now...