Monday, November 24, 2008

Bridal Shower

My friends from the office threw me a bridal shower last Nov. 21. They were so good that until the last minute I didn't figure out where we were going.

We went to a place called Club Maginoo. The name scared me already. The shower was WILD!

We did some games where we had to mold things (wink wink) from clay, put condoms on cucumbers, play with hotdogs, moment of truth type of questions. After all of the activities, they blindfolded me, tied up my hands and then all of a sudden they all started screaming. I couldn't see anything but I could feel someone brushing up against me. That's when I figured that it was stripper time. Everyone got a lap dance from the strippers that Miles chose.

I'm posting the more decent pictures here, the other ones are too incriminating to post. (haha)

Friday, November 14, 2008


For the past several years, we've had an "alaga" in the house. His name is Buknoy, he's the son of our katulong. He's been with us since he was 7 months old and since we don't have a kid at home, Buknoy was treated like a real family member.

But this December, they will be going home to their province since his parents have earned enough to be able to build a house and start their life there.

I will miss Buknoy....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guestbook layout

Got to see our guestbook layout for our approval before our supplier prints it. It's cute. Makes me want to just keep it and not have guests sign it. hehe

Might just have it reprinted so we can have a clean copy. =)

Here it is: