Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

One Year Anniversary

How time flies. I never noticed that it has already been a year and I loved every minute of it.

We decided to celebrate our first year in Tagaytay since we have not been there together. It was a very welcome break for the both of us.

We stayed at The Botique bed and breakfast and I must say, it was a good choice of hotel for a couple who just wanted to relax and be together.

Instead of room numbers, they had names for the rooms. We chose the "I desire" room because of its chocolate motif.

Love the welcome fruits and the personalized letter.

Also loved the pillows and the king sized bed.

We were supposed to have lunch at Leslie's because Mac has been craving for bulalo but we missed it and accidentally got to Sonya's Garden. Since we were already there, we decided to try out the food. I loved the salad and pasta although Mac was disappointed that he didn't get to eat Bulalo.

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So for dinner we made sure to eat at Leslie's.

We also visited Picnic Grove because I wanted to see if the Zip Line and cable car rides are worth the try but it was already late to appreciate the view so we decided to do it another time.

We went back to the hotel and had a wonderful massage.

Woke up the next day to a wonderful breakfast in bed.

Had a wonderful first year wedding anniversary. Here's to many more to come!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Luck on a Friday the 13th

I didn’t care about it. I didn’t hope for anything because I didn’t want to get disappointed in the end. I wasn’t even sure if I could do it. I just went and did everything that I needed to do in order to survive not hoping that I will get something out of it.

And now after 9 months, It’s happening. I am nervous that I may not meet up to expectations; that they may ask for more than I am willing to give. But as always, I know I will survive. I may stumble along the way, people may talk behind my back but I will not care. I will do what is necessary and prove that I deserve this.

Even if I want to look apathetic, even if I want to seem like I do not care, I must admit that it’s still a different feeling to see my name above a title that I have been working for to achieve. I am happy yet terrified at the same time. There were a few moments in my life that I felt like this too. First was when I got accepted at the Ateneo. I was happy to be privileged to get that education yet scared that I may not fit in with all the honor students there. Second was when I got married. I was happy yet scared because I will be sharing everything with my husband forever. And now this.

I thank God for the opportunities that he continues to give me and I pray that he will continue to guide me so that I may be able to fulfill what is asked of me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Curly Hair Update

It's been 6 months since I got my curls. And Here's how it looks now.

It's not as curly as before but I still love my curls! It's so worth it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Day 1: Thursday(October 1)
Our flight was at 9:30am. I already asked permission from my boss if I can leave early to be able to make our flight. At 5pm, Miles, Mac and I went down to get a cab. We met up with Jo and Pam at NAIA 3. It was my first time to use that airport and it wasn't so bad. Stella, Jeff and Julie arrived promptly 1 hour before boarding as they got stuck at work.

We arrived at past 1pm in Bangkok, got our luggage and found our service which brought us to our hotel. We were all so tired so we went straight to bed.

Day 2: Friday (Oct 2)
Loved the hotel’s breakfast buffet, stuffed myself with lots of rolls with butter and bacon.

First agenda was to go to the grand palace. We negotiated with a taxi to bring us there for only 40BHT with the condition that we pass by the gem factory first. So we did.

It was really hot in Bangkok! We then got to the Grand Palace and as any tourist took too many pictures of ourselves and the funny signs that we saw all around the place. Mac wanted to know how the guards were able to stay still despite the heat.

Then we rode a commuter train going to Ayuthaya which was really an adventure. On the way there was this guy who peed his pants. He was carried out of the train by police.

We negotiated with the tuktuk to bring us around. We saw different ruins, Buddha, elephants, a baby tiger and more funny signs.
We got back to Bangkok at 8pm. Mac, me, jo, pam and Miles decided to drink one round in a nearby cluster of bars. There were a lot of people and the night scene there is very similar to ours.

Day 3: Saturday (Oct 3)
Mac and I decided to go to Dream world. Bangkok’s theme park. It was a rip off of Disneyland but fun
We met a couple of Indians who really smelled bad.
Their water rides are really crazy.
We went to see a 4d show which was in Thai so we did not understand a thing,

Went to Siam Square after to look for Preduce Store which Mac found on the internet. We probably went around and around for a good 2 hours and have asked many natives who had a hard time speaking in English before we finally found the place.
After mac bought his shoes and shirt we went to Suan Lum night market which is very much like our divisoria. There was also a food plaza. Their stage is really big. Saw wasted thai kids.

Day 4: Sunday (Oct 4)
Last day was spent visitng different malls.
We splurged in Zen mall because of their ridiculous sales. Mac was a little frustrated because nothing will fit him so we decided to drop by Preduce again to buy him additional shirts.
We also went to MBK to buy pasalubong and sample thai noodles.
On the flight back there was this excess baggage lady who was so rude to us. She just didn’t have manners.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Books. Movies. Games.

I love this September because of the unexpected two long weekends. I got the chance to catch up on doing stuff that I love doing.

1. Went swimming with Mac's officemates - despite the rain and the fight that we had, I still had fun since the most hectic season in my work is almost over.

2. Got hooked again on playing Tomb Raider. The last Tomb Raider: Underworld has been in our computer for a while now and I haven't finished it till now. We didn't have internet for one day so I decided to play it again and now I'm hooked. Although I'm stuck at the moment.

3. Watched In My Life with my office friends and cried buckets!

4. Watched Kimmy Dora with my college friends and laughed so hard!

5. Started playing Scribblenauts in the DS. Although I really am not that creative. But it's a nice game that exercises the creativity.

6. Finished reading Dan Brown's new book "The Lost Symbol". I didn't like it as much as I liked Angels and Demons. I guess because the story centers on American structures and legends. Since I'm not American, I guess I can't relate that much.
It still kept me entertained for one weekend though.

So aside from work, that's what kept me busy for September. Now, I can't wait for October to arrive because in October I have an out of the country trip, I am going to start reading The Time Traveller's Wife and I'm going to finish playing Tomb Raider.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009