Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hong Kong Adventure

Went to Hong Kong with my family and it was such an adventure because we did not join any tours. We discovered Hong Kong by ourselves. My brother and I were the navigators and our parents were the sponsors of our adventure as they paid for everything. (hehe)

We arrived in HK at around 11:00 am and rode a bus to the Disneyland Hollywood Hotel where we will be staying for one night.

That's my brother waiting for our turn to ride. Behind him are the double decker buses. It was fun riding at the top as it seemed like the bus was gonna topple over whenever we would make a turn.

After settling in the Hotel, we arrived in Disneyland. Time to be kids once again... I think when my mom saw the place, she was even more excited than us. She wanted her picture taken everywhere. =)

This is the Mickey Mouse statue and the Mickey shaped flowers that will greet you at the entrance.

We rode all the rides in the park and watched all the shows.

Also didn't pass up the chance to take a picture with our beloved disney characters

Our next stop was the Ocean Park. Saw all kinds of animals. But the best part is going on all the thrilling rides.
If you look closely you'll see a panda behind me in the picture above. That's a real panda.

Also went up to the Peak for an amazing view of Hong Kong. And visited the Museum of wax.

It was an amazing experience, not only because the place was beautiful but because I was able to see it with my family. This is one trip I will never forget because we really bonded as a family and had so much fun. Nowadays, we rarely get the chance to be together like this because of all the different things we have to do. This trip really made us appreciate each other more.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2006 Performance Appraisal

Just had our appraisals yesterday and although there are
stuff that I need to work on and improve, I am fairly happy with how my boss
saw my performance and I think in a way I have proven that I am good at this
line of work. I really really appreciated the compliments my boss gave me. He
even told me that if he could turn back time and was given the chance to choose
who among the five of us who were trainees he would choose to work with, he
would choose me. It really touched me that he doesn’t take my efforts for
granted. I will really try my best not to disappoint him.

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