Friday, April 23, 2010

Brandon & RHB

Hanging on the set of the TVC shoot with Barbie, Jelle, Miles, Aff and Berna

Brandon is so nice. And he speaks tagalog fluently. Apparently, they speak tagalog at home.

He came to the shoot with a pack of Hopia. He loves bistek tagalog and Chicken Pork Adobo.

Love him.

Teaser for the new tvc.

Will post more pictures after the jump.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Baguio Fever

Baguio again, with the family this time.

Mac brought Madie, his niece, with us because she has never been there. I'm not too sure if she had that much fun because she had a hard time because of the long travel, apparently she's not used to traveling.

It also was my first time to drive up to Baguio and it wasn't that hard.

We stopped by Manaog first to hear mass.

We arrived at Baguio by lunch time. Had lunch at Kubo Grille. Their barbecue was good.
I'm not really too familiar with the roads in Baguio but I think this is along Legarda.
Took pictures while waiting for the food. You really eat in Kubo huts.
One order of barbecue is composed of 3 sticks.

Excited to eat alreadyWe went around with the Javier family all day. Mac was reunited with the PSP boys. Mommy Lina's apos loved playing video games.
While the older ones were playing with a new toy - "Bop It". It strengthens reflexes. And Mom was not too good at playing. She needs a lot of practice. =)

We went to The Mansion for picture taking.
Mac with Sena and Madie

Andreus looked sad because he wanted to ride a bike
And Wright Park also.

Karen, Andreus (who was still sad), Alain, OJ, Sena and Madie
OJ the monkey

After lunch, we went to Tam-Awan Village to see where the Igorots used to live. They had artists there that could draw your face for only P100.00. Mom, Mommy Lina and Tita decided to have it done. They don't think they looked like their drawings but I can see the resemblance. They looked younger in the drawings.
Mommy Lina
There were Igorots dancing so the kids danced with them.

We had breakfast the next day at Cafe by the Ruins. A little bit expensive with price ranging from P180-250.00 but it was worth it.
Coffee with the brown sugar
Suman with Tsokolate

We let the kids play in the park and rented a bike (P30-40.00/hr) which they enjoyed.

Ice Cream break
Biggest kid in the park

We never get tired of going to Baguio because we love the good weather and it was specially fun to go with kids because they are the ones who really enjoy the activities.

We love Baguio

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baguio Weekend

As already mentioned in my previous post, we went to Baguio last weekend. Before everything else, look at our pictures now compared to 2006. The pictures on the left are the new ones, and the ones on the right are the old ones. Do we look happier? =)

Our Baguio trip was during the long weekend and since the weather was too hot here in Manila, it was no surprise that a lot of other people were also going to Baguio. Good thing we bought bus tickets ahead of time.
We love commuting to Baguio because of the stop-overs. Mac loves the grilled hotdogs in the Sison stopover.
I think the hotdogs cost P30.00 a piece. A bit expensive, but it tastes good.

We arrived at Ibay Zion around 9:00pm. Will not go into anymore details about this as I've said enough.

We were still outside. They were making us pre-order the breakfast before we could go in.

We thought there was a 4th floor since our room numbers were 412 and 406. But we went to basement 2 where our rooms were located.

The only good thing about Ibay Zion was that we were just beside Mines View Park. We could wake up early and walk around.
Strawberry Taho

You need to pay P10 per shot to get a picture with this dog. There were 3 of them there.

Or you can ride on a horse and take a picture also for P10.00. Look at the horse's eyes. I think he's pissed that he just gets to stand there when he should be galloping around.
Also for P10.00 you could take a picture with these Igorot.

Or wear an Igorot costume yourself. Like what Gene did.

We also went to Camp John Hay.
At the manor.
They're hiding behind the trees. But Mac's tree wasn't a really good hiding place. lol
The customary jump shot should not be missed.
This was a hell of a climb. Smiling faces to hide how tired we are from the climb.

When we got up, we needed to stop for an Ice Cream Break

Camp John Hay was re-developing at the time so there were a lot of structures that were already gone. But the picnic tables for rent, the playground and the mini-golf course were still there.

And we spent the best part of the morning playing mini-golf. You can play for P80.00 per person

Had lunch at little John's after because we missed their baby back ribs. Was too hungry and forgot to take a picture.

After lunch we went to Burnham park. There were so many people that there was already traffic on the way.

We rented a bike. I wasn't good at riding a single so I opted to get the sidecar. I caused an accident! Although nobody got hurt - another sidecar bumped into me that started a chain reaction of sidecars bumping into each other. lol

We also rode the Winnie-the-Pooh boat for P200.00 for 30 minutes.
Marcus our expert boatman.

After the tiring activities of the day, we went to SM to rest, drink and have dinner.
For our last day, we went early to Good Sepherd to buy pasalubong. There was already a line at 8:00am.
We spent the time in Mines View again, eating corn, bananaque and just enjoying the view.

You can also pretend that you're Drake (from Uncharted) by renting these binoculars in Mines View for P10.00.

Ate lunch at Sizzling Plate before heading back to Manila.
Despite the crowd, the traffic and the pollution, Baguio is still a wonderful place to visit. Already planning to go back with the family. =)

Btw, Mac and I bought our first matching Crocs slippers in SM Baguio. I love it. =)