Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Books. Movies. Games.

I love this September because of the unexpected two long weekends. I got the chance to catch up on doing stuff that I love doing.

1. Went swimming with Mac's officemates - despite the rain and the fight that we had, I still had fun since the most hectic season in my work is almost over.

2. Got hooked again on playing Tomb Raider. The last Tomb Raider: Underworld has been in our computer for a while now and I haven't finished it till now. We didn't have internet for one day so I decided to play it again and now I'm hooked. Although I'm stuck at the moment.

3. Watched In My Life with my office friends and cried buckets!

4. Watched Kimmy Dora with my college friends and laughed so hard!

5. Started playing Scribblenauts in the DS. Although I really am not that creative. But it's a nice game that exercises the creativity.

6. Finished reading Dan Brown's new book "The Lost Symbol". I didn't like it as much as I liked Angels and Demons. I guess because the story centers on American structures and legends. Since I'm not American, I guess I can't relate that much.
It still kept me entertained for one weekend though.

So aside from work, that's what kept me busy for September. Now, I can't wait for October to arrive because in October I have an out of the country trip, I am going to start reading The Time Traveller's Wife and I'm going to finish playing Tomb Raider.