Tuesday, August 31, 2004

We went to Tagaytay yesterday. I went with them because I just had nothing else to do for the day. But when we were already there we had nothing to do, no new places to visit. It was like we did not go out of town. We just bought fruits and buko pie to at least make something out of our visit to Tagaytay. We ended up spending rest of the day in megamall. It’s funny how going to tagaytay has ceased becoming special to me. When I was a kid, every visit to Tagaytay was always special. It was something I always looked forward to considering that we live in the north and rarely travel south. But in college, I found myself frequenting tagaytay for retreats, for picnics… Visits to tagaytay became ordinary happenings. It was not something to look forward to. It was just normal. It wasn’t special anymore. So this illustrates how something very special can become ordinary when you do it often.

Does this apply to everything special in your life? So if you go out on a date with your ‘special someone’ too often it becomes the norm? Being together, which you would look forward to, would become tiring? And even your favorite food would become ordinary when u eat it everyday. Then would it also be true that your special someone would be just like any other person once you have been with the person for a while?
I refuse to believe this… I would still choose to believe that certain things will remain special no matter what!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Wedding

I have never attended a wedding so touching and so solemn as my cousin’s wedding yesterday. I was fighting back tears as the bride was walking down the aisle. I was watching the bride walk towards her soon to be husband and all I could think of was all the memories I had with Ate Cel (the bride). She is the cousin that is closest to me. She is the closest thing to a sister that I had. While I was growing up, she was always there. Every single significant event in my life, I shared with her. She was in my graduations; she would choose my clothes for me; she would adopt me every summer and take care of me when I want to get away from the house; she was just always there for me. And even tough I know that she will still be there even if she’s married, I still feel like I’m losing her.

But even so I am still happy for Ate Cel that she has found the person to whom she will devote her life too…for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. I just wish the road is not too bumpy in the journey that they have embarked upon together.

After the wedding my other cousins and I went and watched a movie since the newly weds have also left for their honeymoon. Jay and I had such a blast while Ate Jeng slept through some parts of the movie. Good thing it was late at night and there were only about 10 people inside the cinema, Jay and I could laugh our heads off and be a little loud. We watched “Now That I Have You” and enjoyed the movie so much, but of course we didn’t want to admit it to our other relatives because after all it is a mushy-tagalog-no brainer movie. We could just really relate to John Lloyd and Bea (hehe). Even when I got home Jay and I were still texting that we would watch another star cinema mushy movie again. Haha, can’t wait.
Hmm…I wonder what the newlyweds are doing right now in their honeymoon suite…hehe, probably playing jack en poy. =)

Friday, August 20, 2004

It’s my birthday.

I found this site where you fill in the blanks and they generate a birthday story for you. Since it’s my birthday and I have nothing else to do I decided to give it a try.. So here it is:

A Birthday Story (http://www.bethanyroberts.com/BirthdayStory.htm )

Once upon a birthday, there was a young girl named Leighnie. Leighnie was 21 years old and lived in pasig. Leighnie was walking home from school, thinking about birthday cakes and presents. Suddenly a giant red dog jumped out from behind a closet and pounced on Leighnie! But as she was about to scream for help, Leighnie realized the red dog was only licking her face. In fact, the furry kisses tickled! Leighnie giggled and decided to keep the giant red dog as a pet. And on the way home she decided to name her new pet ''gig'' When Leighnie and gig finally got home, her Mom, Menchie, was standing on the front porch. And was she surprised to see a red dog following Leighnie home! ''What in world is that?'' cried Leighnie's Mom. ''It's a giant red dog,'' answered Leighnie. ''I can see that, Leighnie, but what in the world is it doing here?'' ''It's my birthday. Can it be my new pet?'' answered Leighnie. ''Oh, dear,'' said Leighnie's Mom. ''I wouldn't get your hopes up. You know your father doesn't like red dogs. But, it is kind of cute. And it is your birthday. I suppose you can keep it while I finish frosting your birthday cake.'' And with that, Leighnie hugged gig and led her new pet into the house--even though she knew her father would probably not let it stay. Once in the house, Leighnie and Gig played charades, until Leighnie's favorite television show, ''Friends,'' started. Then Leighnie forgot all about watching Gig. But half way through friends, Leighnie heard her father, Gene, shout, '' Leighnie Louise! Get in the basement...NOW!!'' Leighnie rushed into the basement, where her Dad was pointing toward the sofa. ''Look what your new pet did!'' he said. Leighnie looked. There were balloons and streamers, hanging from the ceiling. Mom and Dad were wearing party hats. But right in the middle of the sofa, were the messy remains of the birthday cake! ''I'll clean it up, Dad,'' said Leighnie. ''I'm sorry, Leighnie, said her Dad, ''but a giant red dog is not a good pet. You'd better find it a new home.'' So Leighnie looked to see where Gig was hiding. Soon Leighnie found Gig crouched beneath the table where Leighnie did her reading. ''Come on, Gig, you have to go. And hey, don't look at me that way, I'm not the one who ate the cake and made a mess!'' said Leighnie. And Leighnie started to lead Gig out of the house and down to the local bookstore. Leighnie knew the store owner would find Gig a good home. So after hugging Gig and saying good-bye, she thanked the owner of bookstore, and walked backed home. Leighnie didn't notice the red dog was following! Back home, Leighnie sadly slurped six cokes. But Leighnie's father reminded her about the mess she still had to clean up. Halfway through the clean-up, Leighnie suddenly noticed Gig in the doorway. ''Gig! You're back!'' she shouted. Gig hopped up and down and gave everyone furry, tickling, BIG kisses. Even Leighnie's father giggled. ''I guess that red dog can stay,'' said Leighnie's Dad. anne was a birthday pet after all! Leighnie's Mom baked another mocha cake, and they all celebrated. What a happy birthday it was! The End.

Friday, August 13, 2004

MENTOS Cool chews (the green one)

Have you ever tasted these small candies? It’s supposed to be breath fresheners and you are supposed to take one after a meal or if you are just really hungry. For an average person, one box of this kind of mentos should last for two – three weeks. But you see I was addicted to them. I consumed about two to three boxes of it in a week. And that’s just me, when I share it with my friends a box could last me for just a day.

I was at the grocery with my mom before and the first thing that I usually grab is a pack of these candies. My mom used to ask me why I liked it so much and couldn’t seem to get enough of it. I would just shrug and say nothing. Of course I couldn’t tell her the real reason why I like the candies so much, it would just lead to more questions. You see the reason why I like it is because it reminds me of him. Of how whenever he would go to the groceries he would always buy mentos. I was not that addicted to it at that time but I liked it already. He would buy it for me because he knew that I liked it. Back then I never bought a single box of mentos because he would always have some for me. But when he left I started craving for the candies. He was gone so I had to buy some myself. Then after a while I realized that I was already addicted to it. Much like I was addicted to him before. Heck, I probably am still addicted to him considering that I dream of him every night.

I have started to decrease my intake of the candies because although I like to be reminded of him I know that thinking about him is not doing me any good. I think aversion therapy is gonna do the trick. If I do not see the candies then I get used to not popping one all the time. And then I won’t crave for it anymore. How I wish that getting over him is also that easy. I do not even have to avoid him because there is nothing to avoid. This should be easy…but why am I having such a hard time?

Sunday, August 08, 2004

I'm a bum again for the rest of August. I'll be starting my new job on September so for now I am not doing anything. It is fun actually that I have all the time I want again. I can finally watch the last season of FRIENDS.

After getting to read the Da Vinci Code and Digital Fortress, I became obsessed with Dan Brown books. His books are really unputdownable (Is there such a word?). I finished the Da Vinci code in one weekend, that's how interesting it was fo me. I bought Angels and Demons last Monday and I was planning to read it for the rest of the month but I have already finished it last wednesday.

After three weeks I was finally able to go home to Bulacan last thursday. I met up with my high school friends and it was fun. On the way home I noticed that they were already selling Bitcho and Bibingka again. Brought back a lot of memories of last year and made me see that the Christmas season is coming up again. I wonder what christmas will be like this year? I hope my Christmas will not be cold again...

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

weepee...Anne's back

we met yesterday and had a very interesting conversation. it was comforting to see her again. I missed our conversations, i missed bringing her home, i missed being with her...Was so happy that I finally got to be with her again...But then again, being with her made me miss someone else more...I remember how they used to talk to each other in their own language and how i try to understand...i remember how he would accompany me when i bring anne home...hay....

grr...get over it already... ah, basta, i'm glad anne's back...

was ranting to ego earlier how i wanted to blog but couldn't think of anything to write...well, actually i could think of a lot of things to write but nobody else would be interested to hear about what i was planning to write...ano ba to, ang labo...