Monday, March 21, 2011

Myth of the Human Body Exhibit

Mac and I went to the Myth of the Human Body exhibit along Bayani Road last Sunday.

The exhibit is open from 10am-8pm and will run until April 15, 2011.

The process of preserving the human bodies was interesting and you can really see all the parts of your body.

From healthy lungs to those with lung cancer due to smoking. There are also fetuses which will make you think twice about abortion.

If you like science, specifically anatomy, you need to visit this exhibit.

Entrance fee is P350.00 per person with discounts for senior citizens and free entrance for children below 3 years old (but I don't think the exhibit will be appreciated by the children below 3 - it might be too scary for them)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Song Do, El Pueblo

Ate at Song Do last Friday. It's a Korean restaurant within El Pueblo, Ortigas. A bit expensive than the Korean restaurants in Escriva Drive, but the food was good.

I love how Koreans love their side dishes.
We ordered the beef soup. I forgot what it was called in Korean
And the grilled pork
We spent less than P600.00 on this. A bit pricey for two people but loved the Korean experience. :)

The Kira Obsession

Kira is now almost 4 months old!
Such a tiny thing!
That can fit into a basket!
Sleeping all the time.
Now, she's settled in with us. She loves feeling the wind during car rides
Goes with us everywhere. Even to the car shop
She still sleeps everywhere.
So fluffy!!!

Rent in Manila

I've always been a frustrated singer. I specially love songs that are from Musicals.

One of my favorite musicals is Rent because of its modern theme and shows how people react to Aids and other diseases that are usually shunned.

I learned of the 2o11 staging just last week. The staging was actually only until last weekend. I didn't think twice about buying tickets because it has been years since I watched a Musical.

And I loved every minute of the show. From Gian Magdangal and Sheree's portrayals of George and Mimi, to Maureen's performance of Over the Moon.

I am a certified Rent Head.