Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Fun with Movie Posters

Went to watch Expendables in Greenhills last Aug 21.

We parked just in front of Promenade not knowing that tire clamping was already being implemented. So we really got a shock when after the movie, we saw that our tires were already clamped! There were a lot of cars parked beside us that I guess also did not know. We did not want to argue any further so we just paid the P1,000.00 fine. Such a waste of money.

On to the really short movie review, Expendables is just your usual action movie to the likes of all the old FPJ, Ramon Revilla tagalog action films. There really wasn't any decent story and for a movie entitled Expendables, it was so ironic because nobody died.

We also saw a nice poster of the Easy-A movie. Haven't really seen the trailer but the movie premise seems interesting

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