Friday, August 20, 2010

My Last Mid-Twenties Birthday

My day started with a greeting from my parents. I was glad that they were both here in Manila the day of my birthday (because usually my Mom is at home in Bulacan and she would only text me).

At work, I had several visitors. Andi (an office mate's daughter) was at work because they had no classes for Quezon day. She played in my area and I made paper chain dolls for her. :)
Berna also dropped by and gave cake and brownies. It was so sweet of her.

My boss treated our group to lunch in Max for my birthday.

I got cake and flowers from friends
I also treated everyone for merienda of my favorite food.

I had a special celebrity guest. ;)

And to cap the day, I had dinner with my family at Shabu-Shabu. Too bad Kuya was in Baguio. It was fun seeing my parents have fun with the Talking Tomcat application on my Iphone.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Wishing for many many more birthdays like this in the future. And hoping that the next birthdays will be with little ones already.

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