Monday, August 06, 2012

Tristan's Pizza, Bantayan

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A must eat in Bantayan is Tristans! Their pizzas are to die for!

Maia's Beach Resort, Bantayan

Since we were travelling with children who also wanted a pool to swim in aside from the beach, we decided to stay in Maia's Beach Resort as they were one of the few resorts in the island that had their own pool. The stay was a pleasant one, the owners were nice, they have reasonable prices that comes with free breakfast and cost to pick you up from the port to their resort is already included in the room rates.
However there were still several disadvantages in staying here:
  1.  No TV inside their rooms. They have an entertainment room and TV though in their restaurant. I guess this is not such a disadvantage since you won't want to just watch TV in your vacation. 
  2. The beach is not good for swimming. 
  3. The place is 9km away from Sta. Fe proper where the market is and all the other bars. So if you are expecting to drink in a bar during the night, then do not stay here. The place is more for families with small kids and honeymooners. 
  4. Also, since it is 9 kms away, there are almost no transportation going to Sta. Fe so you will be forced to rent their van and driver to get you around which costs around P250.00
  5. There is no hot water in the rooms 
Other than this, it was still a pleasant stay in Bantayan and in Maia's Beach Resort. 

The rooms in Maia

Walkway to the beach

Maia's Beach front

Free Breakfast

Bacon! Yum!

To experience the beach, we went to Bantayan Beach Club. This is their beach front

Bantayan Beach Club.

Road to Maia

We spent only around 1,300 per night in Maia. They gave us discounts since we were a big group.

On the Road to Bantayan, Cebu

A lot of people wonder which is a better beach to go to in Cebu, Bantayan or Malapascua. Being able to go to both beaches, I realized that each has its own beauties.

For me, both trips started with a plane ride from Manila to Cebu.

Then a 3 hour long bus ride along a ceres bus going to Hagnaya Port. The Bus ride to Hagnaya is a bit shorter than that for Maya Wharf going to Malapascua. The bus fare from the North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya Wharf costs P150.00/head.

Hagnaya Wharf is more organized than Maya Wharf. You will ride a ferry or a roro to go to Bantayan. It's bigger than the ones for Malapascua also because Bantayan is a lot bigger than Malapascua. Bantayan actually consists of 3 municipalities.

Here are some pictures on the road to Bantayan. 

Hagnaya Wharf - Buying Ferry tickets

There are grills selling hotdogs and longganisas in sticks (I don't recommend the hotdog though, it's not TJ)


Hagnaya Port

Sta. Fe Port

You can also ride the RORO