Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kira's First Time in the City of Pines

Since we got Kira, Mac and I have talked about bringing her up to Baguio so she can run around the wide fields and grass area that she cannot normally see in the city.

And we finally did just that.

First, looking for a decent place to stay was a challenge because normal hotels do not accept pets and transient houses most of the time do not come up to expectation in terms of size and cleanliness. We finally found a transient house in Airbnb

I contacted Peter from the site however he said that they were fully booked on the date we wanted to go up to Baguio. It also did not help that we chose the opening date of the Panagbenga Festival when so many people wanted to go up. But there was no postponing or cancelling this trip already. Good thing that at the last minute, someone cancelled and we were accommodated in Lyn's Do Drop Inn.

I would recommend their place since it is just a 10 minute drive to the city center. It is located in walking distance of Lourdes Grotto. We paid 2,000 pesos per night for 2 persons. Lyn and Peter were very accommodating with regards to our requests and the room came complete with cooking utensils and even drinking water. 
The guest rooms are in the 2nd floor. You would have to go up the stairs. Peter and Lyn's house is in the first floor
Lyn's Do Drop Inn

The Kitchen area had everything you would need for cooking.
Cafe by the Ruins
Cafe by the Ruins is a must everytime we go to Baguio

Yummy Bagnet from Cafe by the Ruins

A visit to the public market to buy souvenirs


Good morning Kira

We couldn't climb the stairs up to Lourdes Grotto because pets are not allowed so we had to wait

And while waiting, watched and chased butterflies

Mac went up though

Next stop is Camp John Hay. It's the Statue of Liberty replica

Visiting a dead relative

yey, freedom

Kira could have stayed here forever

hungry look. Lunch time.
Biking in Burnham Park
After all that running around, fell asleep in the car
This trip was so much fun. Despite there being so many people in Baguio and traffic really got bad at some point, it was so fun to see how happy Kira was. Will definitely do this again.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Watched wicked for the second time around.

And still it was amazing.