Thursday, February 14, 2008

In the spirit of Valentine's Day

They met when they were just kids. But of course they didn’t like each other then. But fate had other plans for them.

Because Mark and Elaine’s brothers were friends in school and their mothers also knew each other (they were both teachers), Elaine’s family were invited to Mark’s house for their town fiesta. It was the first time the two kids saw each other; they were just 7 years old. Mark didn’t like Elaine because she was quiet and she didn’t want to play with the other kids. And Elaine was pouting because she didn’t want to be there because she wanted to go to her cousins’ house.

After that, they found out that they go to the same school. But they were never really friends. The only time that Mark would talk to Elaine was whenever he would ask her if she wanted to buy soap (they sell a brand of astringent soap then and Elaine’s brother used to buy from Mark). She’d always say no and then move on to talk to her friends. In high school, Mark was already starting to like Elaine. He has a crush on her but he never acted on that crush because he is not comfortable talking to girls that he likes. They graduated from the same high school and didn’t see each other again.

Mark went to college in AMA and Elaine in Ateneo. Friendster was just starting to be really famous at that time. One day, while Mark was looking for profiles of past classmates in Friendster, he chanced upon Elaine’s profile. They have already graduated by then. He saw that she had a link to a blog site. He was curious and so he read her entries. He found out that her boyfriend has just left her. So he sent her a message to ask if she was all right and that if she needed someone, he can be a friend.

Elaine read the message and couldn’t remember who Mark was. She had to go and look him up on her high school yearbook to figure out who he was. Her birthday was coming up and Mark wanted to take her out to celebrate. She agreed. That was the start and the rest they say was history.

2 months after that first date they were officially an item.

39 months after that Mark proposed to Elaine.

And in just 10 more months they will be tying the knot.

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