Monday, September 20, 2010

Christmas Food is back - Baliuag Bibingka

In Baliuag, Bulacan our signal that the holiday season has already started is the availability of Bibingka, Bicho and Puto Bumbong stores around the Church.

I loved the Baliuag bibingkas and I always get so excited when September comes because it means that my Dad would always buy me Bibingka for pasalubong when I was a kid.

In high school, my suitors know how to win me over - by buying me bibingka.

When Mac was still courting me, he would always bring bibingka as a gift whenever he would drop by (yes, I am cheap that way).

There is nothing like eating a freshly cooked bibingka after attending the simbang gabi.

I have tried a lot of bibingkas being sold around the metro but still, nothing compares to what we have in Bulacan.

I have so many memories of the bibingka and bicho bicho that I just start to be sentimental whenever I eat it.

I have been a suki of Marissa's bibingka for years now. Her bibingka was witness to my past relationships and Mac courting me, our relationship, and even now that we are married, we still go together to have bibingka.
Really soft on the inside with a generous amount of salted egg and cheese at the top.

Marissa's bibingka is now priced at P55.00 (I think) and they also have puto bumbong. Each order comes with a free salabat or hot tea.

She sells Bibingka at the Baliuag Plaza beside the San Agustin Church.

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  1. Looks good.. although for Xmas food, I prefer puto bibingka than bibingka :D