Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Road Trippin California: Pebble Beach, Monterey

I heard that Monterey is a famous place in California where even ex-president GMA used to play Golf so we stopped by Pebble Beach on our way to San Francisco.

I just love the view.

Road Trippin California:Universal Studios, Hollywood

Mac and I love theme parks.

First stop is the Universal Studios Hollywood.

We've been to Universal Studios Singapore and most of the rides in Hollywood are also already there. What's different is the Studio tour where you ride a tram and the staff takes you around the back lot of Universal Studios and you get to see studio locations where they shot scenes from some of our favorite movies and tv series.

They also have the Waterwold show but actors performing here are real Hollywood actors, albeit just extras and supporting cast.

The theme park closes at around 8pm but the City Walk stays open until 12mn

Get to meet your favorite movie and cartoon characters

Like Shre

Get wet in the Jurassic Park ride
Don't miss the animal show to see celebrity animals who've performed in movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua...

Don't forget to take a picture with Jaws

Monday, December 19, 2011

Road Trippin California: Las Vegas

If I had stayed longer in the city that never sleeps, I would be bankrupt!

What are the things that you must do in Vegas?

Watch free shows at Circus Circus. They have shows every half an hour featuring different circus acts (most of which has performed for America's Got Talent)

Visit all the hotels at the strip

Like the Venetian

To admire the ceiling

And take a picture with the street performers

You will find a lot of interesting characters just walking around. Just leave a tip.
Don't miss the Eiffel Tower in 'Paris'
What do you do in Vegas? Gamble!
Be a big winner...Like Seth here with his dollar rings and necklace. :)

Consume a lot of sugar to give you energy

Visit the MGM grand and look at their snakes, fishes and lions

Stay at the Excalibur

Watch the fountain dance at the Bellagio

Eat in at least one buffet

What did I say about the sugar?

Most of all, have fun!

Road Trippin California: Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive

First stop on our adventure is Hollywood Boulevard where you will find the Kodak Theatre, Pantages Theatre, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum to name a few.

Photo Blog:

You will arrive just beside the Kodak Theatre (If you are coming from the train)

George Eastman's star is found just outside Kodak Theatre.

Shopping Galore!
In front of the Pantages Theatre, you will see the foot and hand prints of your favorite stars
The latest additions were the prints of the Twilight Saga stars

We availed of the StarLine Hollywood Fun Tour. Each pass comes with a free entrance to the Wax Museum
Where the rich and famous live

Where the rich and famous shop

Part of the Starline tour is to show you the Hollywood sign. If you squint your eyes and look closely, you will see it at the very back... (lol)

Adam Sandler's house and boat in Beverly Hills (according to the tour guide)

This one is Jeniffer Aniston's

The famous street representing Hollywood in most movies because of the palm trees lined on both sides of the street

Owned by Fashion Designer Bijan (who loves pots), this is the fastest car in the world (accdg. to our guide again)

The occupy movement is also in Rodeo. Occupy Rodeo!

Wax Musemu fun

I love Nic!

and Will Smith

I would like to commend the Los Angeles Metro System. Everything was so organized, their buses and trains follow a schedule and have designated stops that makes it a lot easier for tourists (like us) to go around the city. Of course, one can just rent a car and not get lost because of the GPS systems available. But riding the Metro is also a fun experience. :) Fare is only $1.50 flat rate anywhere in LA.
Photo grabbed from Los Angeles Times