Monday, September 13, 2010

Something Fishy Buffet

Something Fishy has always been famous for their buffet breakfasts. Call center agents within Eastwood would always eat here because it was cheap. I am not sure how much it is now but last time we had buffet breakfast there it was only around P200.00 (i think that was last year).

The breakfast was just okay. Nothing spectacular and it does not compare to the hotel breakfasts.

But we saw that they are now offering buffet lunch and dinners and knowing that Something Fishy was a sister company of Dad's & Saisaki, we gave it a try.

The lunch buffet costs P420.00 and bottomless iced tea is P80.00 (they will actually insist you get the iced tea saying that they only serve tap water and not filtered water).

Sushi buffet
The dessert station has halo halo, leche flan, buko pandan and chocolate fondue
Couldn't get near the buffet to take pictures of the food in the trays because there was a line so I instead took a shot of Mac's plate which includes, beef tenders, bopis, liempo, lechon, fried chicken, caldereta.

They also have tempura, kare-kare, hito, spaghetti, marinara, carbonara, pesto, tonkatsu, lechon kawali.

All in all the buffet was ok, food was just ok (nothing spectacular). But worth it if you are really hungry because of the wide selection of food. However, Dad's is still better.

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