Monday, November 19, 2007

Muziklaban Woohoo

It's over. And Gayuma was proclaimed the champions for this year. Will post crowd pictures once I have it but for now, here's my pic with Jay and Chito (at last). I love it!!!

And Mac just had to have a picture with Spiderman!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I just got held at gunpoint at my own house, at my own room, while I was sleeping on my bed.

Last night, I went home late because of the Muziklaban press launch. I got home at around 12pm. I watched TV and played PSP, I placed my PSP above the headrest of my bed, my digicam was also there. At around 2pm, I was going to sleep. The thing with me is that I cannot sleep if I don't hear music so what I always do is put my cellphone near my ear and play a track so I can fall asleep.

At around 4am, I woke up because a light passed through my eyes. I looked to my left and saw a man standing there. At first I thought it was just my dad waking me up but the man spoke and said "Cellphone mo lang ang gusto ko". Apparently he already had my psp and digicam but he couldn't reach my phone coz it was on my other side and he'd have to touch me to be able to reach me. When he spoke I immediately shouted. Then I noticed he had a gun trained on me and he said "Wag kang sisigaw, babarilin kita". I don't know what went through my head or I just wasn't able to process the situation because I still shouted. He ran from my room and out the house coz I won't stop shouting.

I woke up my Dad and we called the police and that's the only time that I was able to go back in my room and saw that he had taken my wallet and my wireless-landline phone (he's actually really stupid coz he left the cradle of the phone in my room, he only took the unit which he would not be able to use). In his haste, he wasn't able to grab my digicam and psp which were already in front of him. I think when I woke up he was already going to put my cam and psp in his bag.

After several hours did I just begin to realize how dangerous a situation I had been in. He could have shot me. So I was still really lucky that he didn't touch me. And he wasn't able to get my gadgets. He got my wallet which only has around 600.00 in it and he wouldn't be able to touch all my cards anyway since I have a pin number. It's just such a hassle that I have to apply for replacement cards and specially a new driver's license.

I've always felt safe inside my house because that's my house! He might come back so I'll be changing all the locks in my house and put up a lot of alarms. What is the world coming to?!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Mac and I just love going to amusement parks. It's a shame there are very few here in the Philippines.

When I was a kid, my family would go to Star City every year during the Christmas break. And one weekend, Mac and I decided to go back to Star City. I haven't been there for ages and I wanted to see what it looked like now. I love the snow world and sliding down the snow.