Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hamilo Coast - Pico De Loro

This year's summer outing with my college buds was spent in Pico De Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas.

This is a relatively new real estate development by the SM group which is open to members only. The current lifetime membership fee is at P500,000.00. We were able to go in because we availed of a deal in dealgrocer.com

Going to Pico De Loro, we passed by Tagaytay and had breakfast at Bag of Beans. This is one of our favorite restaurants to eat in when we go up to tagaytay. 
Bacon is love
Standard silog breakfast
The pancakes look pale
We arrived at Pico De Loro around 10:00 am and we spent the morning catching up in the beach club while waiting for the 2:00pm check-in time.

The place is beautiful in terms of the rooms, landscaping, pools, and recreation activities. And if you have money to spare then go ahead and be a member or better yet, buy one of their units. But I won't recommend it as yet because there is a lot that needs to be improved in terms of its service, quality of food and just generally their staff. I understand that by opening up this vacation place they created a lot of jobs for the locals in Nasugbu, but it wouldn't hurt SM to conduct the proper Customer Service training to these staff.

We stayed at the Pico Sands Hotel. Room prices depend on the view (mountain view or lagoon view). If you are a member, you get a P1,000.00 discount. If you are a guest, you pay the complete amount and you will still need a member to endorse you.

Premiere room at the Pico Sands Hotel. Room Rates range from P6-8,000.00

The bath

Each room has a balcony. Ours was overlooking the lagoon.
And since we were there during Mother's Day, they had a complimentary gift. This was nice
The view from our 6th floor room. All the houses you see here are residential units that they sell

Facade of Pico Sands Hotel
They have two pools. One nearer Pico Sands Hotel and a smaller one in the Beach Club.
The infinity pool
Lounge area in the middle of the pool
 The beach had fine brown sand, and although a bit small (it is a cove after all), it is still beautiful.

They have another smaller pool here
 The food choices and quality needs a lot of improvement though as most of the food that we tried were bland. This is also where we had problems with their service as the food came hours too late from the time we ordered. Each meal/dish is also expensive, they really overpriced.

Even the buffet breakfast that came free with the room was just so so.

The lengua was the only thing that I liked. This one set me back P400.00 already

 In all, Pico de Loro is still a nice, upscale vacation place that I will recommend. But to get my two thumbs up, their service really has to improve.

*To go to Pico de Loro, you have to go through the SLEX and exit at Sta. Rosa. Immediately turn right going to Tagaytay. Just go straight along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. There are a lot of directional signages pointing towards the place.


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