Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Serenitea @ Eastwood

On one of our weekly dates in Eastwood, I noticed a lot of people drinking Serenitea. I've been hearing about this brand from other bloggers and my officemates so I asked the guard where the stall is since it was not in Citywalk or the new mall.

Serenitea in Eastwood is in the Cybermall building, the same building where Krispy Kreme is. I tried the Hokkaido tea and it was good! I never really liked the taste of teas but Serenitea made me a convert.

I can't wait to try all the other drinks they have available and fill up my loyalty card.

Plus, the wait staff in the Eastwood branch are nice. For a first timer like me, they accommodated my questions and were able to explain how best to enjoy my tea with the amount of sweetness and sinkers that will fit my drink.

Love it!

Apple Sidra

Ate lunch at Mien San in San Juan today and saw this.

Nomu nomu nomu. It's good...

Monday, June 06, 2011


For Mac's Birthday treat, we tried Sambokojin in Eastwood.

Sambokojin is a Japanese and Korean restaurant located in the same building as Something Fishy in Eastwood's Citywalk 2. It's a smokeless grill place and I loved it!

It's an all you can eat buffet that costs around P500.00 per person. Note that if you have leftovers, they will charge an extra P100.00 so be sure to get only what you can finish.

6-Month Old Kira the Pomeranian

How Time Flies! Look at Kira now, so big already.
We had Madie (Mac's pamangkin) stay with us for a week. Don't they look cute?
Who's Who?! Kira and Tank, they look like twins!

My Imeldific Husband

Mac wanted shoes again for his Birthday. So we went to We Legendary to be one of the first people to buy the newly released Nike SB sneakers. I'm not really familiar with what they are called but Mac looks really happy with his new shoes so I'm happy.

Photo grabbed from See his post here.

2 Celebrations in Boracay

Mac's birthday falls on the same day as my parent's anniversary. This year, the whole family celebrated in Boracay.

I booked our tickets in April (one month before the trip) and got the cheapest flights from Manila-Caticlan. Our total ticket price is 3,676.00 per person with a Cebu Pacific flight out and Air Philippines flight back to Manila. We were hesitant with the flights at first because we've heard of horror stories of delayed flights. Fortunately, both our flights left and arrived on time. Good job to the two airlines.

We chose to stay at Fairways and Bluewater Resort since they have a private beach far away from the noise of White Beach in Boracay. Our parents enjoyed the exclusivity and quiet of the resort. However, for the younger people who want to party and be in the night scene of Boracay, this resort is not recommended because it's far and you would have to take a shuttle from the resort to D'Mall. They have free shuttles though that leave every hour from 9:00am to 10:00pm.
We stayed at the BalaiHaira villas which costs around 7,000 on a regular rate. We got a package cost of just 3,600/person for a 3 days and 2 nights stay inclusive of breakfast and an hour of full body massage. It was quite a steal already.
The room was spacious. It can fit 4 people although there is an additional fee per head in excess of 2 people
We enjoyed the private beach which was very calm as compared to the big waves in White Beach since our trip fell within the Habagat season and it was really rainy.
Fairways also boasts of having the biggest freshwater pool in the island.

They also offer Zorbing (P400.00) and Zipline (700.00) which we did not try anymore.

My Mom, the ever religious Catholic, would not miss the chance to go to the famous Boracay Grotto
We found this nice, quaint chapel within Fairway's private beach
My brother tested his waterproof case bought at CD-R King for only P400.00. Effective! That's his actual iphone underwater
Happy Birthday Mac (He looks sad, probably because I haven't given him a gift)
And Happy 34th Anniversary to the best parents in the world!