Monday, October 05, 2015

Welcoming a Little Man to the World

I've been on a blog hiatus for a while mostly because we've been laying low and did not have any travels most of the year and the reason for this is because we were preparing to welcome a little boy this September.

For those who know me or who have been reading the blog, you know that I've been married 7 years and we did not have a baby all this time because we wanted to travel and enjoy our time together. And after 7 years, we've been to the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Phuket, Bangkok, Japan, Korea and around the Philippines. After all those travels, we thought it was already high time to really work on completing our family and sharing travelling memories with a little one in tow.

So that was 2015's big project.

In January we found out we were pregnant.
In May we found out we were having a boy
In June we had our first 4d ultrasound and saw a glimpse of what baby looked like
In July, our friends threw us baby showers and that's when most people found out that we were expecting.
In September 14, Zeke finally came out via a c-section delivery in St. Luke's QC. (Btw, I love this hospital)

I've been exclusively breastfeeding since day 1 so I'm still adjusting to this day with the sleepless nights (Zeke wakes up every 2 hours to feed), filtering unsolicited baby advice from people and just figuring out how to normalize our lives. Good thing Mac is so supportive with everything and I'm so lucky because he loves babies.

Kira meets Zeke for the first time and Kira was so behaved. I can't wait till they can already play together. Unfortunately, since Kira sheds hair, we're playing it safe and keeping her mostly away from Zeke so that Zeke doesn't develop asthma and they can play in the future. 

Bloated me at 36 weeks pregnant and 1 week post partum, breastfeeding Zeke.

Zeke's picture today on his 3rd week of life.