Friday, December 30, 2005

I got my Starbucks planner at last. Can you believe I called almost all branches of Starbucks to ask if they still had the planner? I finall found one in the Petron station along the north expressway.

Image hosted by

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Thanks to everyone who helped me fill out the card and drank coffee with me... =)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Year in Review

January started with a new job assignment. I had to undergo sales training with the different divisions in the company. For the first week, the task was fairly easy because I just had to ride along with the sales officers who were servicing the big stores like SM and Robinsons. I treated it as a field trip, I was able to go to a lot of branches of Waltermart, CVC, and Cherry Supermarkets. If the first week was a breeze for me, the second week was really hard, I had to route ride with the trucks who deliver products to the smaller sari sari stores. It was a really hard job considering the heat and the pollution.

Ate Cel’s baby boy “Miguel Alfonso” marked the month of February for me. It was February 9 when Ate Cel underwent the caesarean operation to welcome Miggy into the world. Coincidentally, it was also the Chinese new year that day.

After my sales training, I had the chance to experience what it was like in the advertising agencies as I was given the opportunity to work with them. I had to develop a campaign for a deodorant ad and the presentation went fairly well.

April was crunch time. It was a very busy month as all of the trainees prepared our own marketing plan. It seemed like an impossible task to do as we were not given data to support our marketing decisions. We had to really on our resourcefulness to be able to come up with a decent enough marketing plan.

I had the chance to have a vacation as I went back to ‘tambay mode’ in May. Since deliberations were still ongoing as to what division we will be assigned, all of us trainees were given a chance to relax and have a vacation. Although, it was kinda hard to totally relax because you keep thinking about where they are going to put you or if you are going to be absorbed at all. But at least I was able to go to the beach.

I received my assignment on June 1 and started working again. I won’t bore anyone with details of my work anymore. Aside from getting my assignment, Portia celebrated her birthday on this month and I had the chance to see my high school friends again.

On July, I went to Iloilo for a project and since RM, Buen and Erland, some of my college friends, are now based there, I had the chance to catch up with them. We had dinner together and they toured me around the city and showed me the night life in Iloilo.

I turned a year older on August and it was really touching that my officemates decorated my area with balloons and gave me a cake for my birthday. In the evening, it was my college friends who went to greet me and we all had a wonderful dinner together.

On September, I had the chance to attend a lot of seminars that helped me in being more familiar with my work. Mac and I celebrated our one year anniversary this month. Hmmm….it wasn’t really a celebration because we were fighting that time and we just had a quick lunch together for our anniversary..

October was not very busy month for me as all the planning sessions and presentations were already done by September. I cannot think of anything else that happened on this month.

November, I went to a lot of fieldwork and I was able to go to Cebu, Bacolod, Surigao, Siargao and Butuan…

And now it is December, amazingly I won two major raffle prizes in our company’s Christmas parties. Couldn’t believe my luck. At first I thought it was going to be a really merry Christmas for us but just this morning I received some bad news so now I am hoping and praying that everything still turns out well for us…

Still, I am still thankful for all that has happened this year and pray that next year will be better…
Found this in Chinky's blog... I think she also found it in another person's blog who I do not know. So whoever you are, I'm asking permission to also use your idea. =)

Anyway, that person said that you should put the first sentences of the first posts per month and that will be my year end review.

So here it is:

Jan: Bakit ba kita minamahal?
Feb: The world is spinning...My world is spinning
March: Can you believe we are at the office?
April: Tomorrow my future will be decided
May: I am bored
July: I met up with Patty today.
August: no entry
Sept: (not) a fairy tale
Oct: no entry
Nov:Alive, I'm still alive.
Dec: Song that is currently playing over and over my player.

So there is my whole year in review....I'll post something else sometime later. A proper tribute to all that has happened to me in the year that passed...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all....

Monday, December 19, 2005

Song that is currently playing over and over my player

My song for the moment:

Lagi mo na lang akong Dinededma
by Rocksteddy

Matagal ko nang gustong malaman mo
Matagal ko nang itinatago-tago 'to
Nahihiyang magsalita at umuurong aking dila
Pwede bang bukas na, ipagpaliban muna natin 'to

REFRAINDahil kumukuha lang ng tyempo
Upang sabihin sa iyo

CHORUSMahal kita pero 'di mo lang alam
Mahal kita pero 'di mo lang ramdam
Mahal kita kahit 'di mo na ako tinitignan
Mahal kita kahit 'di mo lang alam, oh woh

Matagal ko nang gustong sabihin 'to
Matagal ko nang gustong aminin sa 'yo
Sandali, eto na at sasabihin ko na nga
Ngayon na, mamaya o baka pwedeng bukas na

REFRAINDahil kumukuha lang ng buwelo
Upang sabihin sa iyo

CHORUSMahal kita pero 'di mo lang alam
Mahal kita pero 'di mo lang ramdam
Mahal kita kahit 'di mo na ako tinitignan
Mahal kita pero 'di mo lang alam, oh woh

REFRAINNgunit kumukuha lang ng tyempo
Upang sabihin sa iyo, woh

Mahal kita pero hindi mo lang alam. Hindi mo alam kasi hindi mo naman ako tinitignan. Ayaw mo naman itanong sa 'kin kasi baka nga naman hindi naman ikaw. At hindi ko rin naman sa 'yo sasabihin kasi ayoko pa sa ngayon na manligaw. Mahal kita pero hindi nga lang halata. Hindi halata kasi wala nga naman akong ginagawa. Hindi ako kumikibo, hindi ako nagsasalita, wala. Pero hindi ako torpe. Hindi ko lang talaga masabi sa 'yo nang harapan. Mahal kita pero dehins mo pa rin ramdam. Hindi mo ko titignan, hindi rin kita titignan. Lagi mo lang akong pakikiramdaman, lagi rin kitang pakikiramdaman. At araw-araw tayong magdededmahan hanggang sa tayo ay magkabistuhan. Pero ngayong malapit nang matapos ang kanta ko, nais kong magkaalamanan na. Nais kong ako na rin ang magsabi sa 'yo nang harapan. Kasi alam kong do'n din naman ang tuloy niyan. At dalawa din lang naman ang posibleng sagot d'yan: oo o hindi. Kaya't eto na, sasabihin ko na para matapos na at hindi na magka-chismisan pa. Sasabihin ko na para wala nang problema at para hindi na rin kayong lahat nabibitin pa.

CHORUSMahal kita pero 'di mo lang alam
Mahal kita pero 'di mo lang ramdam
Mahal kita kahit 'di mo na ako tinitignan
Mahal kita kahit lagi mo na lang akong dinededma