Thursday, October 21, 2004

It has been a very busy week for me. I can't wait till it's Friday... Because Fridays I'm in love. (",) The first three days of work was really hectic. We have been going around the different production plants to be familiar with all the products of the company. It's a fun and new experience but at the end of the day I am dead tired.

Last weekend we had the best time. Although it did seem that all of us there were drowning our tears with our laughter. The weekend was like an escape from our issues, an escape from normal life. But still, we had fun.

in the pool...

one last complete pic before leaving...

Saturday, October 16, 2004

It's friday I'm in Love....

I'm excited about tomorrow's get together swimming here in bulacan. It will be my last hirit before I start with my training. Later today I am going to market to buy the stuff we will be needing for tomorrow. It's also fortunate that Jay is really good in organizing get togethers.

My co-trainees are texting me to go to the oktoberfest later in Eastwood but I chose to stay here to prepare the food for tomorrow. Besides, we will have 6 months ahead of us to go out. =) Anyway, last wednesday i went to the Head Office to submit my pre-employment requirements and sign the contract. It took so long that we finished at about 130 pm. Some of the guys and I went out to lunch. They were so much fun, everyone was so kalog, and jeff kept cracking jokes. Ours is really a fun bunch. And It was good that I got along with my co-trainees. Even now, we had made plans that we will invade Jeff's house and spend our lunch breaks there. It's always nice having new friends. Really can't wait...

* Currently smiling and looking forward to tomorrow...

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I attended the orientation for my job yesterday. There were 24 people in the program and most of the people are Ateneans. The supervisor was really funny. Even this early i can predict that our group will be a fun one.

The program was explained and I don't know if i am excited or apprehensive, maybe a little of both. It was exciting because we get to be immersed in every thing concerned in marketing. But i can't help but be a little scared because we will all be graded and there might be a chance that i might not pass (fingers crossed). But i truly wish that i get out of the program alive. =)

Midway through the orientation i got a headache and couldn't concentrate anymore with what was being said. Good thing my Dad gave me medicine after, I was still able to drive home to bulacan.

Now i have to arrange my pre-employment requirements and work starts on Oct. 18. No more bumming around for me after that...One week of freedom left to go.....

Friday, October 01, 2004




J A J A!!!!

I love you girl!!!!

I always have so much fun when I am with you. I miss you soooo much... It really is a bummer that I do not see you as often as i would want to...

If you need anything i am always here for you!!!

I miss times like this:

Jaja, Me, and Julie