Monday, June 28, 2010

Ace Water Spa

Woke up on a Sunday morning with nothing to do. So I decided to drag Mac to Ace Water Spa as he has never been there.

We wanted to eat at Elars Lechon since it's close to Ace Water Spa but the dine-in area was closed during Sundays so we just went and had lunch in the Ace Sky Lounge Cafe. The food was nothing spectacular. And I think it was a bit pricey for the taste.

While waiting for your food, they give you a place mat where you can do Soduko/crossword puzzle to entertain yourself. Too bad they forgot to also provide a pen.

The creamy pesto pasta was our favorite because of the generous serving of shrimps and the pesto really is creamy. Mac ordered the Katsudon.
While I ordered the baked chicken with mozzarella cheese.
After the lunch, off we went to enjoy the hydrotherapy services. Ace water spa provides lockers where you can keep your stuff. You just need to wear fitted swimwear (undergarments inside the swimwear are not allowed). They also provide liquid soap and shampoo for your shower so the only thing you really need to bring is your towel and swimwear.

After taking a shower in the locker rooms, you go down the stairs to the pool area. They have a lapping pool, a kiddie pool, lazy river, a floor fountain, different kinds of hydro jets that you can enjoy. They also have hot herbal pools, a really really cold pool, steam room and sauna room. You can enjoy everything for only P550.00 each. (but if you go there often you can also buy the Ace Card which offers discounts).

Ace Water Spa is located at Del Monte St. near Banawe. If you're coming from Quezon Ave (going to Manila) you just go straight until you reach Banawe, turn right in Banawe. When you see Del Monte, you turn right again and Ace Water Spa is to your left. Parking is usually full but you can let their staff park your car for you at no extra cost (valet service).

Hyundai Philippines Grand EB

I've never been active in forums and EBs but lately I've been enjoying reading posts and sharing stuff in tsikot where I get to learn a lot about my car as people there are very helpful.

So Mac and I attended the EB for the first time last Saturday (June 26) at JT's Manukan in Ortigas Home Depot. We had such a blast getting to know the other people in the forum and finally being able to put faces to the names/handles that we now consider friends.

Looking forward to the next meet up and fun run. :)
Tucsons all lined up.
The Tucson Philippines boys. (with Girls Inc. - they were formerly the Mocha girls)

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Location of Cafe Juanita

Cafe Juanita in Kapitolyo Pasig has a new location just across the old one.

The design of the new Cafe Juanita is more like an Asian-fusion with a lot of Pinoy, Thai, Arabic, Chinese furniture and decorations. I liked it better than the old one which got too crowded already.
The exact address is 19 West Capitol Drive Kapitolyo. Coming from northbound Edsa, you turn right at Shaw. When you reach the rotunda you turn another right and Cafe Juanita is to your right.
We loved the ambiance of the whole place. Even their rest rooms were really nice.
The outdoor area where smokers can eat

To call the waiters, you need to ring this bell. We had fun playing around with it.

Food in Cafe Juanita ranges from 200-600. A dish is good for 2-3 people. We ordered their best sellers.
The sinigang na baboy was just right. They make you taste a bit of the soup before they serve this so you can judge if the taste is to your liking already.
We loved the Kare-Kare! One of the best kare-kares we've tasted.
We also ordered fish although I forgot what this was called. I did not taste this because I don't really like fish. But they said it was also good.

The guinataang gulay and Kaldereta was a bit disappointing. The veggies was too bland and I think there was an ingredient missing in the kaldereta.

Despite the hit and miss food choices, we enjoyed the experience of eating in Cafe Juanita. Will definitely come back again. I can see the place as a perfect venue for a romantic date.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tucson Loving

Taking a break first from posting about food and travels, I'd like to post about the modifications Mac and I have been doing on the Tucson.
  1. Since I do not have it washed and waxed as often as I should. Mac urged me to get the Optiguard paint protection program from Big Bert's at Ortigas Home Depot. Spent P5,500 for it. That included 2 free maintenance check.

  2. We also had the air in the tires replaced to Nitrogen Air as recommended by my brother and dad. A tire costs P75.00

  3. Also had them place a sun visor/rain gutter as a protection from the rain. Was also looking for a mud guard but the dealer did not have any on stock.

  4. Also bought a clip for the LTO sticker since I did not want to stick it directly in the windshield because it would ruin the tint

  5. We also installed a stepping/running board bought in Banawe.

Whew, it's expensive maintaining a car. I've never spent for Wugadu before. I guess it really is different if you bought the car with your own money. :)

Charlie's Burger and How to get there

Mac loves burgers (his favorite place to eat it is Wham). So when their office moved here in Ortigas, I asked him out for lunch so that he can try Charlie's famous burgers.

Charlie's is a nondescript place along Kapitolyo, Pasig City. From San Miguel Ave. Ortigas, you turn left when you reach Shaw. You turn right again when you see Tropical Hut then left when you see the Kapitolyo sign. You just go straight and you will see Charlie's to your right. It's beside a carwash.

He enjoyed the Angus burger with added bacon and according to him is as good as Wham. If only they franchise in malls.

I also liked their cheese fries.

Burgers are priced from P150.00 to 200.00+. They also sell imported beers, sausages and pasta.

Charlie's is perfect also for guys having their cash washed. They can eat while waiting. =)

On the way back from lunch, we also saw that they were constructing an Ace Water Spa. I'm excited about it since Mac and I were just talking about going to Ace Water Spa next week.

Bread Bag

Bread Bag is one of the restaurants I love in Ortigas Home Depot. Their specialty is of course bread.

They sell the original Pandesal but bigger than what you can usually see in the bakeries.

I was surprised that now they also sell selected pulutan and imported beers. Maybe they thought that they should also take advantage of their location (Ortigas Home Depot is famous for its bars).

What I love best in their menu is their Pan de Plato.
I always order the adobo with kesongputi. Yummy

Mac ordered the Arroz a la Cubana.

Each order comes with camote chips and extra sauce.

Good thing is that bread bag also delivers. I think they are also included in the city delivery food delivery service just call 87878

*For more info visit

Monday, June 07, 2010

Sinigang with a splash of love

Mac cooked sinigang for me last Sunday. It has been raining lately so I have been craving for traditional Filipino sabaw recipes.

His sinigang is so yummy. He says it's because he adds a splash of love to the ingredients. :)

My husband, the cook.

My assignment was to cut the string beans.

I am such a lucky wife! :)

Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Kick-off

Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Rock Challenge is now open again for amateur rock bands. Like last year, Muziklaban will be composed of different lifestyle events like Tattoo, Extreme sports and Indie films.

The kick off for the rock challenge happended last Saturday (June 5) at the Metrowalk parking lot in Ortigas. New to Muziklaban are the performances of Callalilly and Brownman Revival. I think the audience like Brownman as they were dancing along with them.

The early crowd. This was still at around 6pm.

In every Muziklaban event (or Red Horse Beer's event for that matter) you will see this giant inflattable bottle.
Almost every weekend after this, Muziklaban will have events during the weekends to recruit contestants. This will go on until the finals in January 2011.

For more information on how to join and additional details please visit

Friday, June 04, 2010

Pepper Lunch

Mac and I ate at Pepper Lunch in Shangrila last week.

We prefer this to the Sizzling Pepper Steak restaurant. I just think their prize is too much for a self service restaurant.

You have to line up at the counter to order (just like any fast food restaurant). After ordering they give you a table number.
From Leighnie's blog

Then they serve you your food on a sizzling plate. You have to mix it really well to ensure that the meat cooks properly.

From Leighnie's blog

Then get ready to eat!

Pepper Lunch is located at the lower ground level of Shangrila Mall.