Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wedding Date

The Wedding will be on December 7, 2008. Everything will be done inside the Subdivision where I lived all my life.

Of course I didn't even consider other churches except for the Mt. Carmel Parish Church. This church is a big part of my life, my family and our relationship.

The reception will be in Tenthouse. It's actually called The Greenery now, but to us who lives in Rio Vista, the place will always be tenthouse for us. I used to go to this place even when I was a kid and play around the golf course. I'm so happy that we are having the reception here. =)

(Thanks to tutubi patrol for the pic)

Can't wait!!!! 326 days to go. =)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Avilon Zoo Scandal!

My cousing Ate Cel with her husband Sherwin and son Miguel, Ate Jeng, Mac and me went to Avilon Zoo so that Miguel can see the animals. We unexpectedly caught a scandal! Watch the video.

And here is Mac with his long lost relative. (hehe)

We also have this cute picture with a monkey named Colin but it's with Ate Cel so will just wait for her to upload it.

Xmas and New Year 2007

Time really flies. 2007 is over. And I am so looking forward to 2008. Can't really wait! As the previous years, I am going to recap the highlights of 2007 for me.

- Mac and I went to the Wolfgang reunion concert in Music Museum.
- The family went to Hongkong and we had a really great time.
- Some of the movies Mac and I watched were Blood Diamond and Deja Vu
- Mac and I went to Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate Valentine's Day
- Met with College friends; Ja, Julie, Re and Millette. Ja told us what happened to her.
- Mac's lola died and we went to the wake. Also went to their town fiesta
- Went to Dumaguete for a route ride
- Kirsten resigned
- Had the chance to rest because of the Holy Week
- Mac was confined in a hospital.
- Celebrated the Baliuag and Sabang Fiestas
- Had the Beer Marketing team building/summer outing in White Rock Subic
- Went to Kabayan Beach Resort in Batangas with the family and Ate Cel's family
- Mac and I celebrated his birthday
- I handled Cerveza Negra for a bit and was able to go to AB events. A nice change from the usually CD crowd we have for RH.
- The family (with Mac) went to Ilocos to have a vacation and also to meet Kuya's girlfriend who lives there.
- Was really busy at the office because of our Brand Review
- Celebrated my birthday
- My Boss, Affie, got married
- Went to Baguio with Mac
- Had the Muziklaban Grand Finals
- Had the NU ROck Awards
- Mac proposed to me. We're getting married December this year.
- We had the Beer/Corp Xmas Party
- Went to Avilon Zoo with my cousins
- Went to our annual visit to the monastery and orphanage. This time, Ate Cel and Jeng went with us.