Monday, September 13, 2010

Microtel Mall of Asia

Had a complimentary stay in Microtel beside Mall of Asia.

Haven't really stayed in any of the Microtel hotels because I did not really know the quality of the hotel. Good thing we were given the opportunity to stay for the night so that I can see how it is.

The lobby was fairly modern and elevators were new.
The controls were very modern
We got a standard room with 2 double beds, there's also another small couch by the window so another person can fit in one room.
The flat screen TV and the mirror counter.
There were no mini-bar and ref though and room service for food was not complete yet as they were still fixing their restaurant.

There is also construction going on at the back of the hotel and the pool side so it can get a little noisy but they tell you about that before you check in.
Bathroom was clean with the standard soap and shampoo
You can request for a room with a city view (view of Mall of Asia) or ocean view (as pictured)

Microtel was an average hotel that you can stay in comfortably, I cannot rate it based on the price because I do not know how much is the one night stay exactly.

They do have a breakfast buffet at P330.00 pesos but we did not wake up early to catch this so was also not able to try and see what they serve.

Maybe we can try staying in Microtel Baguio this December. We'll see how it compared to Microtel Mall of Asia.


  1. Stayed at Microtel MOA recently. Everything was nice except for a very very rude staff named "Adonis".

    Ang bastos sobra mag salita. He didn't value guests. Pati staff niya niya sinsigawan nya in front of other people.

  2. How much ung accomodation nyu ng room?

  3. How much yung accomodation nyu na room for 2 person? planning to stay for 2 days 1 night