Monday, May 24, 2010

Food Tripping at Tong Yang

Was finally able to drag Mac to Tong Yang. He never liked Shabu Shabu, he was always a fan of rice. The last time I bought him to Healthy Shabu Shabu - he wasn't able to eat anything. He had to eat a burger in a different restaurant after.

But I told him that in Tong Yang, there are food that he can grill and that they also have rice. So he agreed and off we went to Tong Yang.

They had a wide selection of food. We had appetizers of siomai and dumplings.
For the soup broth, I chose Chicken and Sinigang. The sinigang was good but I liked the shabu shabu sauce in Healthy Shabu Shabu better.
Mac enjoyed the grilling part. He insisted that we get hotdogs. =)
Shrimps were good too.

We both loved Tong Yang because of:
  • the bottomless drinks (which was already included in the buffet price).
  • Their very wide selection of dishes. You can find all kinds of balls here - fish balls, squid balls, meat balls....
  • They had a lot of different seafoods also
  • The dessert - fruits, halo halo, ice cream with sprinkles, cake
  • They also serve Draft Beer also included in the buffet price already.
Tong Yang is for people who are not in a hurry as you will need to wait for your food to cook. And if you want to get the most out of what you pay, you can stay in the restaurant for hours. =) I recommend not getting the rice and softdrinks because you will get full from these.

Tong Yang is at Atrium of Megamall. A buffet of Shabu Shabu with Grill costs P585.00 which was already inclusive of drinks, service charge and tax.

I hope Mac enjoyed his early Birthday dinner buffet. =)


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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

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