Friday, April 15, 2011

Manila Hotel

Attended a seminar in Manila Hotel for the Pana Brand Camp recently and was surprised that the hotel was already renovated with really nice rooms.

A standard room will set you back P6,000.00.

View from our room
TV Set with the stand that says: Manila Hotel, venue of events and grand aspirations. (I'm not too sure if that's exactly how it was said)

Loved the tub and the TV in the bathroom. You will never be bored as you do your business. =)


It's Summer! And for the first beach trip of the year, our destination was Candelaria, Zambales to go to Potipot Island with my College Friends.

It was a really long drive going to Candelaria, around 5 hours from Manila. We left Manila at 2am and we arrived in Candelaria at around 10am. It took us 8 hours because we had several long stops along the way to eat breakfast and buy stuff we needed for the beach.
Potipot Gateway

We stayed at Potipot Gateway resort which had a really quaint feel to it.
Kira enjoyed the "duyan"
The room
Our breakfast - Spam
French toast & Bacon
Although there were a lot of people, Potipot was still a nice island with a great beach. The long drive was worth it.
Going there.
We brought Kira with us and it was so entertaining to see her swim for the first time.

Potipot Gateway is located in Candelaria, Zambales. You will pass by several towns after Subic. You can contact Ate Lina at 629272687128 for reservations.

The boat going to and from Potipot is only 400.00 for 6 passengers.