Wednesday, April 30, 2008



1. Your ‘ex’ and You = have not talked in a while.

2. I am listening to = Paolo typing beside me.

3. Maybe I should = go home already since it's half past 8 in the evening.

4. I love = Mac and my family

5. My best friend(s)= are meeting up with me this weekend. Yey!

6. I don’t understand = why people in high places can be so stupid.

7. I have lost my respect for = I'd rather not say.

8. I last ate = Good Burger's cheesy burger

9. The meaning of my display name is = my nickname.

10. God = is omnipotent.

11. Someday =I'll be rich.

12. I will always be = a kid at heart.

13. Love = is what inspires me.

14. I never ever want to lose = my soon to be husband and my family

15. My myspace is = barely checked.

16. I get annoyed when = people around me act stupid.

17. Parties = are great when the people are fun.

18. Simple Kisses = are what makes me smile.

19. Today = I wished it was tomorrow so that there's no work. (tomorrow is labor day)

20. I wish = for eternal happiness.

April Post..For the sake of updating this blog

Oh no.... I haven’t posted anything for the whole month of April. Have I been that busy? I just have so many things in my life right now that are stressing me out. First, the hullabaloo here at work. I’m doing the job of 4 people and it’s not fair. Second, the wedding , I want to be able to do more but my mom and I always end up disagreeing with the details. Hay, I want to go have a vacation where people can’t reach me and won’t be able to bother me. I want to go out with my friends who I haven’t seen for ages.

I just want to have a life again! I feel like I should be doing better things with my time than spending it all working.

At least I have the following to look forward to:
1. May 4 Fiesta in our place. My college friends will go to our place also to have their measurements taken for the gowns.
2. May 10 Galera trip with my friends here in the office.
3. June 7 beach trip with the family
4. June 13 Boracay trip with Mac
5. And of course, the Dec 6 wedding (can't wait... I really really want it to happen already coz I'm excited about living our life together)