Monday, May 19, 2014

Chapel at Tabor Hill - Cebu City

On my trip to Cebu City last March 2014, we visited the Chapel of Holy Relics in Tabor Hill. It is a chapel which contains relics from Saints and Popes. Relics include pieces of garments worn by saints and Mama Mary, piece of nail of the apostles and the likes.

Novena prayers to Sta. Rita

The altar does not have a table. They celebrate mass similar to the vatican where the priests are also facing the eucharist

The ceilings are painted

Sta. Rita

Fr. Dennis entertained us. He's a priest that used to work in the relics department in the Vatican. He now serves as the resident priest in the Chapel of the Holy Relics
If you are Catholic and you would like to visit, the Chapel of Holy Relic is located at Tabor Hills, Barangay San Jose Cebu City

Kira the Pomeranian - Learning how to Drive

My First Taste of Durian

Durian is really an acquired taste

that I have yet to acquire. Look how tiny that is but the taste stayed with me the entire day

Tindog Tacloban

In March 2014, I went to Tacloban to see how they have recovered coming from Yolanda (Haiyan).

You will be amazed by how quickly they have bounced back.
They're still standing

Ships washed away to the middle of the city

Town Fiestas

I always look forward to our town fiestas, both Mac's place in Bustos and ours in Sabang.

This is the one instance where we get to eat delicious Filipino food, you not only get to taste the food, you also get to learn and see how to cook it. :) 

Pardon the Maki when I just said Filipino food, this was a request from my Dad

Chicken Pastel

My favorite - Menudo

Fried Chicken

Fish Fillet

Lechon Kawali


Lechon again

Rainbow Loom Band Craze

Gave in to the latest toy craze. I'm now loony for loom bands.

Late Post: Valentine's Day 2014

Woke up to a heart-shaped breakfast and a gift of charms for my Pandora bracelet. Mac got glasses from me.

SM Megamall - Director's Club Cinema

During the earlier part of 2014, SM Megamall opened its Fashion Hall, this is a new wing connected to Megamall Building B. I guess, SM wants to be more competitive and has expanded to cater to the more upscale market which currently Edsa Shangrila Mall is the top player specially with the opening of its East Wing.

There are a lot of new stores that will open in SM Fashion Hall/Mall, which includes the first H & M in the country, a Zara store, the first Tim Ho Wan store, 8 Cuts, Vikings, Abe, Lugang Cafe, Super Dry and many more. It also has a big skating rink, bowling center, IMAX cinema and a Director's club.

Mac and I love the Director's club. We can finally watch decent movies in SM Megamall, we usually avoid SM because their cinemas are not that good. But the Director's club finally redeemed SM Cinemas for me. A ticket costs P350 (although we watched just last May 12 and tickets were at P400 due to the addition of the SM e-value tap to pay card, which to now I don't fully understand what the benefits are and feel shouldn't be bundled with the cinema tickets (I don't like stuff being shoved down my throat, FYI. So aside from that card, your cinema tickets include a bowl of butter popcorn, a different kind from what they usually sell in their snack time outlets.

electronic seats

press a button on the side and the seats recline
Only disadvantage with the seat set-up is you are too far away from your companion, you don't get to talk in the middle of the movie (if in case there are parts you'd like to consult with each other or don't understand). This cinema is not for new couples, because you don't get to hold hands (hehe). You're too far away from each other.