Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Iloilo City Weekend

Went to Iloilo last weekend for a business trip. I haven't been back in almost 3 years and so many things have changed. There are more commercial places now as compared before. But the must-eat places still remain the same. :)

I would not miss eating in Breakthrough, where you eat in front of the beach. Too bad I couldn't try most of the seafoods because of my allergies but food was still delicious.
They have a big basin in the middle of the restaurant. And when you look inside, you'll see this...
Crabs! Crabs you can choose yourself and have them cook.
You can also see the fishes in an aquarium.
But for people like me who cannot really eat too much seafoods, they have sisig, lechon and inihaw na baboy.

My companions said the aligue rice was heavenly. Too bad I couldn't taste it.

Smallville is also a place in Iloilo that should not be missed, specially for the young ones who like to party. This is where a cluster of bars are located.

We had dinner in Mojave. A restaurant in Smallville which serves delicious Buffalo wings and Ribs.

Their complimentary popcorn was good. Crunchy with just the right amount of sugar and salt.
Spicy Buffalo Wings
Shrimp and Ribs. This dish is one of their best-sellers and I can understand why.
They also have a display of beers available around the world. Notice the green bottle 3rd from right. Is that Soju? :)

I love going to business trips around the country because I get to taste the local food but I always end up wanting more time to spend in their other tourist spots.

So again, I resolve to go back to explore the city further.

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