Monday, March 13, 2006

Has someone ever swept you off your feet that you cannot help but fall in love with that person?

My friend told me he met an angel. Of all the places he could have met an angel, he met her in a bar. He was not the type to just go up to a girl that he doesn’t know at all but he gave in to a dare. He met the girl. They started going out and for a while everything was happy.

The girl is sick and every night when the pain comes she calls my friend for comfort. And that made my friend feel special. He was falling in love. They went to a movie together and he had coughs that day. He was worried about her because the pain usually comes at night. When she excused herself to go to the bathroom, he was so worried because she might be having trouble. She came back after 10 minutes carrying with her cough medicine and water. He couldn’t believe what she did. Nobody has ever been like that to her. And that’s when he knew that this was something deep. That’s when he knew that he was already swept off his feet.

It was all going right until the girl decided to get back together with her cheating ex. He couldn’t understand her. How could she make such a decision? He said some things that hurt her. He couldn’t help himself. He wanted the girl to know how he felt about what she did. What’s worse is that even after the girl has already gotten back with her ex, she still texts my friend when she is in pain. And he doesn’t have the heart to turn her away. He’s just like that.

He found out recently that she already has Cancer. There was not much time left for her. This made him more furious. Mad at the girl for wasting the short time she had left with a cheating ex and mad at himself because he cannot do anything to change her mind. Mad because he can’t stop worrying about her. Mad because he cannot understand God’s purpose for bringing the angel to her life only to take her away again.

My take on this is that I understand the girl. Maybe she is considering the short time she has left and this is why she chose to spend it with her ex. We can never understand love and maybe she just really loves her ex. That’s the mystery of loving, you can accept everything, and you will bear all the hurt as long as you are together with the person you love.

My friend told me that I do not understand. I will not be able to understand because I have never been swept off my feet. I was hurt at that remark. Because he is wrong. I have been swept off my feet. I have loved unconditionally. And I still am loving unconditionally.
I just wanted to clarify that I am not stoic. I want to tell him that I know how to love. And I love with all my being. I am loving with all my being!