Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Road Trippin South Korea: DMZ & Onemount Snow Park

The DMZ tour will start at Imjingak where there is the peace bell

And you will see the train that transported prisoners from North to South Korea

There are no picture taking inside the DMZ but it was an enriching experience to learn what South Korea went through 

If you are going to the tunnels, be ready for a steep climb

Ocean mount snow park


And Ice skating

Surprisingly, for a first timer, I was able to balance

The Coffee Prince shop looked dilapidated already and the owner was really grumpy. No wonder there weren't too many visitors already

And a trip to South Korea will not be complete without a Hanbok wearing experience


King Mac (lol)
This was really an awesome trip. I was able to go to every place in my itinerary but there were still so much to do and so many places to visit. So I'll be back Seoul and see you soon!

Road Trippin South Korea: Everland & Yangpyeong Rail Bike

Entrance to Everland

Vikings or Anchors Away 

While in line for the T Express

This is what we came here for. The only wooden roller coaster in the world

And it's finally our turn

Miles and Jelle 

Everland also has a Zoo

Bears that know tricks


Christmas Illumination display

Rail biking

Too bad there were no more leaves

It's still a fun experience though

to appreciate the scenery and the mountains

Road Trippin' South Korea: Gapyeong City

The day started with another early train ride

Then onto the Gapyeong City Tour Bus. Remember that its the bus with drawings like this. It stops just outside the Gapyeong City Station

And it will bring you to Nami Wharf where you can ride a ferry to go to Nami Island (where Winter Sonata was shot and is now a really famous tourist destination)

Or you also have the option to zipline to the island

You have to buy tickets to the wharf

Fake snowman will welcome you in Nami Island

Me, yoshi, Miles, Jelle and Mac

Ride a bike around the island

After Nami, we went to the Jade Garden. 

This would have probably been really nice during Autumn. Our trip fell during fall 

Next stop was Petite France where My Love from the stars was shot

Mac as Do Min Joon and me as Choon Song Yi (yes, I know their drama names)

Trying to re-enact a scene from My Love from the stars

After dinner, back at Seoul, we went to Bau House which is a dog cafe

The dogs were huge

but really friendly

you can also buy treats to feed them with

cute pomeranian

Next up is Everland!