Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stick House

I heard about the Stick House -Gelato on a stick stall from a friend. I wanted to try this since I love Ice pops and it looks like Picole. Both stores are located in the basement of SM Megamall. Stick House is a bigger store with chairs and tables in Mega A while Picole is just a small stall in Mega B.
Flavors to choose from in Stick House
Got the coffee flavor topped with hazelnuts and almonds

  • Picole wins for its price. An order only costs around P50.00 while my order in Stick House costs P140.00!
  • Picole wins again for its taste. I found Stick House to be too sweet and creamy. Some people might like those but not me. Picole's was just right
  • Picole wins again for the variety of flavors. They had the normal chocolates, strawberries but they also had fruity flavors like avocado, they also had milk tea.
  • Stick House wins for the toppings, their Pistachios are good. You can also choose your dip so you can customize your own ice cream.
  • Picole wins again for the health factor. They use real fruits in their Ice Cream.
Stick House Gelato is good but I still prefer Picole!

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