Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet My New Driver

Ever since Mac and I got together, I have always been the driver. On our first date, I drove the two of us to SM Pampanga.

He always attempted to learn how to drive, even enrolling in a driving school in Bulacan. But he never did get the hang of steering. He always reasoned that he will just learn how to drive once he gets a car of his own. I told him that he will not get a car until he learns to drive.

Early this year when I bought the car, he enrolled in another driving school this time in Manila. He really learned a lot from Smart driving. And although he still needs some more practice with driving my old Honda with the manual transmission, he can now drive us around in our new car with an automatic transmission.

He just needs to perfect his parking skills which I am sure he will learn through experience.

I love that I can now rest in the passenger seat!

PS. Passed by the newly constructed footbridge at the back of Megamall. This is the view of Julio Vargas St. St. Francis square to the left and San Miguel to the right.

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