Monday, May 24, 2010

Sammy the TV (2010 Samsung Series 6 LCD TV)

Last year, Mac's birthday gift was the Nintendo DSi. This year, he has been asking for a TV. In his defense, we really did not own a decent TV so we do not watch TV.

Ever since we bought the PS3, he has been looking for a TV because our LCD monitor was too small to play games in. It was also a hassle to disconnect the computer every time we wanted to play. I promised him that we will buy a TV for his birthday.

And I delivered on my promise last weekend. We bought a Samsung 32" LCD TV. We can now play our PS3 games and see all the details. But what I loved most about the TV was that it plays movies straight from my USB in AVI format. What surprised me was that it was able to read the subtitle files of my korean drama series. I literally shouted for joy! haha. I did not need to hard sub anything because the TV plays it automatically.
Welcome home Sammy.

We spent the entire weekend at home just playing PS3 games and watching my favorite k-drama series of the moment - Personal taste.

Now who says gaming ruins relationships? That's not true for us because we bond more by playing together. We're playing Resident Evil 5 right now. We love it because there is a coop mode where Mac and I think of strategies and help each other kill the bad guys. He is Chris and I play as Sheva.
I love you Sammy!!!!!

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  1. You could also save the movies to the PS3 and watch them from there also.

    Or just play them from the USB Flash, if all of your folders are not capital just hit triangle then go to your folder that the Movies or Shows are in.

    If you want video's from the Flash go to video on the PS3, if you want music from the flash go to music on the PS3 & also for Pictures.

    You can play MP4,AVI,VOL,WMV,Divx,MP3,AAC,WMA,JPEG,PNG Files & more.