Monday, May 17, 2010

Solution to a Wet Underwater Camera

Several posts ago, I talked about how I love my new Underwater camera, the Fujifilm WP Z33.

It was a budget underwater camera that only costs P7,000.00. Unfortunately, during my last swimming activity, the battery compartment accidentally opened and water got inside the camera.

I know you shouldn't try opening any gadgets that got wet but I was stubborn and I wanted to see if the damage was that bad so I tried to open it. It did open but shut down after around 5 seconds.

I immediately searched online for a possible solution because I loved that camera and I just bought it a month ago but I was already resigned to buy a new one. Mac and I were already searching the net for sellers of an Olympus waterproof camera since I doubt that my Fuji camera will recover from the incident.

I saw some suggestions to put the wet camera inside a bag with rice grains or desiccant. I tried both. I left the camera inside a sealed bag with rice and desiccant overnight but I closed the battery compartment since I did not want rice grains to get stuck inside it. It was still wet in the morning. I tried it again, this time opening the battery compartment. I left it at home for around 3 days. Patience is the key. When I looked at it after the 3 days, my camera was already working fine again.
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I saved my camera!!! Putting it in rice was really effective! Now, it's good as new.

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