Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Palm Beach Resort, Batangas

Went to Batangas with my friends from the office on the labor day weekend. We had planned this trip weeks before with Paolo V. However, on the day we were supposed to leave, Paolo's things were stolen from his fiancee's house so they could not come with us. It was too bad because it would have been more fun if he was with us.

But despite the bad news, we wouldn't let that dampen our spirits, so off we went on the long trip to Batangas. We left at 6am and with just one stop in SLEX to eat breakfast, we arrived at Palm Beach by 12:00pm. Palm Beach Resort is located just after La Luz but people going there should make sure that their cars can climb the steep hill going to the resort.
Excited on the way to Batangas

The beach was rocky and there was very little air in the place as you would except when you go to the beach. I think the place was too expensive for the quality of the beach that they had (a room for 2 costs 4,500 and a room for 4 costs 5,500) but since it was peak season I guess this is the best that we can get.
It was a little bit of a walk going from the parking to the pavillion so you can ride one of the golf carts that they have
Do not have any other decent pic of the room but three people can fit their bed. Aside from this, they also have a day bed.

Saving grace was their buffet meals. Bringing of food was not allowed inside the place so each person has to avail of the 1,150.00 food which consists of the lunch, pm snack, dinner and breakfast the next day. Their food was good and it does not run out. They really refill each item on the menu (well, except for the arrozcaldo for breakfast that they did not refill).
This was our lunch. They had soup, pasta, pork fingers, chicken afritada and fruits.

But despite it all, we still had so much fun. Was also able to test my underwater camera and it performed really well. We had a blast taking pictures of ourselves underwater. Too bad there were not too many fishes and colorful colars.
Snorkeling. But there were no fish so just decided to take a picture of myself. hehe
The pool was so blue.

No colorful ones.

Since water was too low during the afternoon, we decided to kayak to entertain ourselves. Julie, Berna and Jelle had such a laugh trip as their kayak kept on getting stuck on rocky parts.
Our Kayak

Julie, Berna and Jelle with Miles getting ready to push their kayak

Pool Party!
Can't wait for the next trip

By the way, we had to push Vito's van when we were supposed to leave for Manila since it won't start. I just had to post because it was so funny.
Naisahan yata kami ni Gab, she was just standing there. lol

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