Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kira at the Park

Our recent visit to Japan got us inspired to look for parks around the metro where we can enjoy as a family.

We wanted to veer away from going to malls and start to appreciate the beauty of the country. After all, if we take time to do it in other countries then why not also visit our own parks.

So since April 9 was a holiday, Mac and I decided to go Quezon Memorial Circle. Entrance for cars was only at 15 pesos. But if you decide to go there without a car, the park is free.

Although not as well maintained as parks in Japan, the Quezon Circle is still a nice park to go to. You can ride your bike, play badminton, have a picnic, they have a big playground for kids, fun rides open during the weekends and of course a strip of stores where you can buy food.

I heard the park can be crowded on Sundays though but I didn't see it since we were there on a tuesday.

We would have wanted to stay longer except that it looked like it was going to rain so we just decided to pack up and leave. It was a lot of fun though.

Mac and Kira having lunch

Kira is having so much fun. She was so tired when we got back to the house and she was already sleeping even in the car

View of the bicycle lane, you can also rent bicycles if you don't have one

My bike with the Quezon Circle monument at the background

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