Monday, April 01, 2013

Road Trippin Tokyo: Disney Sea

We decided to go to Disney Sea instead of Disneyland Tokyo since Disney Sea had more rides for older people.

Disney Sea Japan was patterned after the California Disney Adventure in LA. They have mostly the same attractions but the main difference was, there were so many people! It was the first Disney Theme Park we went to where lines were 3 hours long. And at 11:30 am, fast passes returns were already for 9:30 pm. The lines were unbelievably long despite it being a weekday.

Also, all the shows and rides were in Japanese. So if you are a tourist, you won't really understand much of the shows. There weren't even English subtitles. The staff that we saw couldn't also really speak in English. They just had signs in English.

With all this, I would recommend skipping Disney Sea in Japan. I really felt bad that we weren't able to maximize our day.
Still happy at the entrance

View of the Mysterious Island

Tsk Tsk. Are they skipping school to go to Disneyland?

This was the only show we enjoyed. The Hangar

The Hangar is like a mini Cirque de Soleil show

Since it was a rainy day and it was so cold we rode the tram a lot

Port Discovery where we rode the Stormrider. It's like a 4d show (again in Japanese)

Little Mermaid area. We weren't able to catch the show already since we lined up in the rides

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