Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Road Trippin Tokyo: Yoyogi Park, Shibuya

Our official last full day for our Tokyo vacation was spent shopping!

I told Mac I will not go home until we get to ride a bike in Japan so we headed out to Yoyogi Park to rent a tandem bike. You can rent a bike for 200 yen (around 100 pesos) which is good for 1 round in the cycling oval and usually lasts around 15 minutes.

To get to Yoyogi Park, you get in the JR Yamanote line (green line) and go down Harajuku station. Outside the station if you are facing the road you walk to the right (opposite to Takeshita Street) and turn a bit to the right to see the entrance to Yoyogi park.

Saw a lacrosse mascot just outside the Meiji Jingu shrine

At Yoyogi Park

Admiring the beauty of the cherry blossoms before they completely fall out. Notice the ground, those are cherry blossoms

The center of Yoyogi Park features a big fountain

They also have a dog run where you can let your dogs play without a leash. There's a different area for big and toy dogs. I really love Japan!

Along the biking path

Our tandem bike

Cherry Blossoms

We headed to Shibuya after to visit Hachiko who is very famous now I suppose due to the Richard Gere movie.

Watched the people cross the famous Shibuya Crossing and shop for souvenir items in Village Vanguard and Don Quijote's discount store.
Shibuya crossing. Since it was early, there were not a lot of people crossing yet. Notice the circular building to the left, that is Shibuya 109 which is all full of fashion stores for women. There is also a Shibuya 109 men's building to the right (not in picture)

Of course, Hachiko will greet you when you exit the station

Took a picture of the Shibuya map so as not to get lost. This was located just beside Hachiko's statue. The bottom part has peeled off but all the important places are at the upper portion anyway
We also looked for and dropped by the Butler cafe, too bad they were fully booked. I guess you have to make a reservation beforehand. But from what I saw, the girls eating here would come all dressed up as royalty also to get the full experience.

We ended the day a bit earlier than usual to had time to fix our luggage and prepare for tomorrow's trip back to Manila.

Overall, this was one trip that I felt we truly maximized and enjoyed.

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