Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Road Trippin Tokyo: Roppongi & Odaiba

Roppongi is an upscale shopping district in Tokyo. It is even called Roppongi Hills, I suppose after Beverly Hills.  This was originally not in our itinerary but since our train will stop by this station, we decided to go down and have a look around. If you are not planning to buy anything fancy in Tokyo, I suggest you skip this.

View of the Tokyo Tower (or the Skytree, I'm not sure) from the 3rd floor of Roppongi Hills

There are art shows and galleries in the Mori Art Museum

TV Asahi Building. You can enter their building as they have a gift and souvenir shop in the first floor

Garden in the middle of the city
Pets are so pampered here. I would love to bring Kira but I'm sure this costs a lot

 By noon, we were heading towards Odaiba already. This, to me, was more exciting as Odaiba houses several indoor theme parks like Legoland,Sega's Joypolis and Aqualand. It is also the home of the life-sized Gundam in Diver City Mall. If we had to do the Tokyo trip again, I would have skipped going to Disneyland because of its unbelievable lines and stayed in Odaiba longer.
Who is the happiest to be here?

Saw this structure while walking from Odaiba station to Decks Mall

We did not go inside Legoland as it looked like it was too kiddie

Sega Joypolis was more fun. They had adult rides. Here is Mac with Sadako in front of the Sadako 3d experience. They have a lot of augmented reality technology also

And finally, Gundam


Gundam, beside him was a trailer truck which serves as the Gundam store

If you get tired of Gundam, just go inside the mall and shop

Don't forget to go back outside at night as Gundam gets lighted up

Walk along the bridge and you will see a Statue of Liberty replica and a view of the rainbow bridge. If I only had a bike, this would be so much fun!

They grow roses here

A picture in the bay is the perfect cap to the Odaiba visit
We heard there was also a good Onsen in Odaiba but due to lack of time we were not able to go. Something to park for next time. :)

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