Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chickenpox at 29

I thought I will never get this dreaded virus in my entire life. Both my parents and my brother have never had chickenpox. All of us had no vaccines against it.  I never imagined that at 29 I will be getting the chickenpox.

I never figured out how or from where I got it. I just woke up one day and thought that I had a bite or was gonna have a pimple in my neck. Here is my bulutong diary. No pictures though. I'd rather keep my ugliness to myself. lol.

Day 1 (Wed) - No spots have come out. But I didn't feel good. I knew I was coming down with the flu or fever.
Day 2 (Thu) - I still went to work, I just drank vitamin c and continued to pop bioflu so the slight fever was on and off.
 Day 3 (Fri) - I was feeling bumps in my scalp. I thought they were just pimples. Then my husband saw a growth at the side of the neck, we both thought it was a bite. At night, I was already worried and suspected I had chicken pox because there was another growth at my arm. I decided to look up what chicken pox looked like in the internet and it was similar with what I had. Also saw that at Day 1, there was still a medication I can take that will minimize the outburst of the chicken pox. So we went to the doctor and he prescribed an antiviral and something for the itch. When it eventually gets itcy
Day 4 & 5 (Sat & Sun) - Spots were coming starting from my chest and neck and a bit on the face
Day 6-10 (Mon - Fri) - I had to skip going to work. This was when everything came out. Eww. I think I finished almost 14 small tubes of Zovirax cream during this period. Good thing our clinic gives this free as a small tube already costs 700 pesos
Day 11- 17 (Sat-Fri) - Spots started drying out and I knew I was healing.

I went back to work after 2 weeks but I still had a lot of dark spots in my face, back and chest. Up until now, the dark spots are still present (4 weeks after) and I know there is a scar or 2 in my forehead and nose.

Now I cannot wear swimsuits because of the spots. And whenever I go out, I always have to wear foundation and concealer.


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