Monday, April 01, 2013

Road Trippin Tokyo: Shinjuku Gyoen, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku

Day 2 of our Tokyo trip started with a walk going to the Shinjuku Gyoen Garden. There is an entrance fee of 200 yen which was totally worth it because our trip fell right into the full bloom of the Cherry Blossoms. We were so lucky because it bloomed 2 weeks earlier than usual.
Shinjuku Gyoen
On the way, we saw an ongoing parade with mascots, samurais & drum and lyre bands. We really didn't know what it was about but stopped for pictures just the same.

Samurais again
The Cherry Blossoms were amazing. Since it was a Sunday, there were a lot of people just having a picnic. Any description I make here will not do justice to how beautiful and colorful the trees were.
Directional Signage for Shinjuku Gyoen
Lots of people taking pictures also

You can't help but jump for joy!

There were a lot of people having a picnic

Saw this couple sleeping in the grass

After that picture overload, we made our way to Meiji Shrine. Note that getting off at Harajuku station is a shorter walk than if you get off at the Yoyogi station.

To ask for blessing, you have to clap 2 times, bow, clap again, wash your hands then rinse the water

Saw a traditional wedding.

Got our fortunes and what are the odds that we got the same fortune

A different wedding this time

Writing down a wish
 Then off to Harajuku and Omotesando we went. We also checked the Kiddy Land store in Omotesando with 5 floors full of toys. What's nice about it is that it was so organized, each floor had a different theme (i.e. 2nd floor was all snoopy related items)
Takeshita Street was super crowded since it was a weekend

The quirky fashion. I wonder if this girl is a mime.

Even though it was cold, we had to get crepes!

More quirky people


Saw this girl talking to her friends. We asked for a picture with her and she was so happy, removed her coat and all.

This is her without the coat
Riders in Omotesando

Omotesando - view from the walkway
 We also went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office to look at the Tokyo skyline at night. We chose this because going up to their observatory is free and it was just walking distance from the hotel (although we still got lost on the way)
Saw another line of cherry blossoms on the way

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