Monday, April 01, 2013

Road Trippin Tokyo: Sensoji Temple, Nakamise Shopping Street, Ueno Park, Akihabara

What is a visit to Tokyo without dropping by its most famous temple?

But before reaching the temple you will pass by a long stretch of shopping street where you can buy a lot of items for souvenir.Just a note though that there are items here that are more expensive than buying in the supermarket or in Tokyu hands.

Miles bought a pair of chopsticks that costs around 2,000 yen which we found in Loft costs only around 1,000 yen. I guess they also overcharge since it is a tourist destination.

Nakamise Shopping Street

There are stalls selling food - this one is similar to our pastillas

Like Moshi Manju

Like the Meiji Jingu shrine, you can also donate 100 yen to get the chance to pick a fortune which you can tie here after.

Entrance to Sensoji Temple

Instructions for drawing the fortune (Omikuji)

Wishing to get the best fortune

Mac got the best fortune

While Miles and I both got bad fortunes

You can also see the tip of the Tokyo Skytree from here
 We also stopped by Ueno park as locals said the trees here were more beautiful than in Shinjuku Gyoen. We also tried going to the Zoo but we couldn't find the entrance and we were tired of walking so we decided to skip it.
Cute dog in Ueno Park

Still lots of people. I suppose this is because it was Sakura season

Cute cat amidst cherry blossoms

Not only dogs and cats but other animals are also considered as pets here

You can also hang your wish

If you get hungry, there is a long stall selling barbeque, squid and all kinds of Japanese street food

Which is perfect for eating in a picnic.

 In the afternoon, we went to Akihabara where Mac had fun looking at Electronics and all the other weird stuff that the Japanese sells.

Stopped by Gundam Cafe. We went home with 3 big boxes of Gundam Robots. More on that in a different post

This we ordered in Gundam Cafe. A healthy pizza

AKB48 is a popular girl group in Japan. We saw a line of men outside waiting for sightings of the girl group

We also ate at a Maid Cafe located at the 5th floor of a Don Quijote bldg (Don Quijote being a discount store) Honestly, I found this so expensive, the maids were really not so pretty. But it was an experience though. We paid around 2,200 yen per person. 600 as entrance fee, 1,600 just for a drink & a souvenir picture with one of the maids

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