Tuesday, August 31, 2004

We went to Tagaytay yesterday. I went with them because I just had nothing else to do for the day. But when we were already there we had nothing to do, no new places to visit. It was like we did not go out of town. We just bought fruits and buko pie to at least make something out of our visit to Tagaytay. We ended up spending rest of the day in megamall. It’s funny how going to tagaytay has ceased becoming special to me. When I was a kid, every visit to Tagaytay was always special. It was something I always looked forward to considering that we live in the north and rarely travel south. But in college, I found myself frequenting tagaytay for retreats, for picnics… Visits to tagaytay became ordinary happenings. It was not something to look forward to. It was just normal. It wasn’t special anymore. So this illustrates how something very special can become ordinary when you do it often.

Does this apply to everything special in your life? So if you go out on a date with your ‘special someone’ too often it becomes the norm? Being together, which you would look forward to, would become tiring? And even your favorite food would become ordinary when u eat it everyday. Then would it also be true that your special someone would be just like any other person once you have been with the person for a while?
I refuse to believe this… I would still choose to believe that certain things will remain special no matter what!

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