Friday, August 20, 2004

It’s my birthday.

I found this site where you fill in the blanks and they generate a birthday story for you. Since it’s my birthday and I have nothing else to do I decided to give it a try.. So here it is:

A Birthday Story ( )

Once upon a birthday, there was a young girl named Leighnie. Leighnie was 21 years old and lived in pasig. Leighnie was walking home from school, thinking about birthday cakes and presents. Suddenly a giant red dog jumped out from behind a closet and pounced on Leighnie! But as she was about to scream for help, Leighnie realized the red dog was only licking her face. In fact, the furry kisses tickled! Leighnie giggled and decided to keep the giant red dog as a pet. And on the way home she decided to name her new pet ''gig'' When Leighnie and gig finally got home, her Mom, Menchie, was standing on the front porch. And was she surprised to see a red dog following Leighnie home! ''What in world is that?'' cried Leighnie's Mom. ''It's a giant red dog,'' answered Leighnie. ''I can see that, Leighnie, but what in the world is it doing here?'' ''It's my birthday. Can it be my new pet?'' answered Leighnie. ''Oh, dear,'' said Leighnie's Mom. ''I wouldn't get your hopes up. You know your father doesn't like red dogs. But, it is kind of cute. And it is your birthday. I suppose you can keep it while I finish frosting your birthday cake.'' And with that, Leighnie hugged gig and led her new pet into the house--even though she knew her father would probably not let it stay. Once in the house, Leighnie and Gig played charades, until Leighnie's favorite television show, ''Friends,'' started. Then Leighnie forgot all about watching Gig. But half way through friends, Leighnie heard her father, Gene, shout, '' Leighnie Louise! Get in the basement...NOW!!'' Leighnie rushed into the basement, where her Dad was pointing toward the sofa. ''Look what your new pet did!'' he said. Leighnie looked. There were balloons and streamers, hanging from the ceiling. Mom and Dad were wearing party hats. But right in the middle of the sofa, were the messy remains of the birthday cake! ''I'll clean it up, Dad,'' said Leighnie. ''I'm sorry, Leighnie, said her Dad, ''but a giant red dog is not a good pet. You'd better find it a new home.'' So Leighnie looked to see where Gig was hiding. Soon Leighnie found Gig crouched beneath the table where Leighnie did her reading. ''Come on, Gig, you have to go. And hey, don't look at me that way, I'm not the one who ate the cake and made a mess!'' said Leighnie. And Leighnie started to lead Gig out of the house and down to the local bookstore. Leighnie knew the store owner would find Gig a good home. So after hugging Gig and saying good-bye, she thanked the owner of bookstore, and walked backed home. Leighnie didn't notice the red dog was following! Back home, Leighnie sadly slurped six cokes. But Leighnie's father reminded her about the mess she still had to clean up. Halfway through the clean-up, Leighnie suddenly noticed Gig in the doorway. ''Gig! You're back!'' she shouted. Gig hopped up and down and gave everyone furry, tickling, BIG kisses. Even Leighnie's father giggled. ''I guess that red dog can stay,'' said Leighnie's Dad. anne was a birthday pet after all! Leighnie's Mom baked another mocha cake, and they all celebrated. What a happy birthday it was! The End.

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