Sunday, August 08, 2004

I'm a bum again for the rest of August. I'll be starting my new job on September so for now I am not doing anything. It is fun actually that I have all the time I want again. I can finally watch the last season of FRIENDS.

After getting to read the Da Vinci Code and Digital Fortress, I became obsessed with Dan Brown books. His books are really unputdownable (Is there such a word?). I finished the Da Vinci code in one weekend, that's how interesting it was fo me. I bought Angels and Demons last Monday and I was planning to read it for the rest of the month but I have already finished it last wednesday.

After three weeks I was finally able to go home to Bulacan last thursday. I met up with my high school friends and it was fun. On the way home I noticed that they were already selling Bitcho and Bibingka again. Brought back a lot of memories of last year and made me see that the Christmas season is coming up again. I wonder what christmas will be like this year? I hope my Christmas will not be cold again...

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