Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Wedding

I have never attended a wedding so touching and so solemn as my cousin’s wedding yesterday. I was fighting back tears as the bride was walking down the aisle. I was watching the bride walk towards her soon to be husband and all I could think of was all the memories I had with Ate Cel (the bride). She is the cousin that is closest to me. She is the closest thing to a sister that I had. While I was growing up, she was always there. Every single significant event in my life, I shared with her. She was in my graduations; she would choose my clothes for me; she would adopt me every summer and take care of me when I want to get away from the house; she was just always there for me. And even tough I know that she will still be there even if she’s married, I still feel like I’m losing her.

But even so I am still happy for Ate Cel that she has found the person to whom she will devote her life too…for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. I just wish the road is not too bumpy in the journey that they have embarked upon together.

After the wedding my other cousins and I went and watched a movie since the newly weds have also left for their honeymoon. Jay and I had such a blast while Ate Jeng slept through some parts of the movie. Good thing it was late at night and there were only about 10 people inside the cinema, Jay and I could laugh our heads off and be a little loud. We watched “Now That I Have You” and enjoyed the movie so much, but of course we didn’t want to admit it to our other relatives because after all it is a mushy-tagalog-no brainer movie. We could just really relate to John Lloyd and Bea (hehe). Even when I got home Jay and I were still texting that we would watch another star cinema mushy movie again. Haha, can’t wait.
Hmm…I wonder what the newlyweds are doing right now in their honeymoon suite…hehe, probably playing jack en poy. =)

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